Coaches and entrepreneurs working together during Seed Transformation Program session.

Get Involved with Seed

Now more than ever, Seed needs your expertise to help our firms survive and thrive during these challenging times. Here’s how you can help.

Be a Coach

Work side by side with high-potential business leaders who have completed the Seed Transformation Program. It’s a one-year, in-country volunteer commitment that’s as transformative as it is rewarding.

Be a Consultant

Volunteer with Seed Transformation Program companies and their leaders to help them navigate the challenges and opportunities of the global pandemic. Share your specific skills and expertise, working remotely on short-term projects ranging from marketing and operations to strategy and finance.

Be an Intern

Serve as a remote intern with companies based in East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, or India to gain hands-on work experience. The eight-to-ten week internship for Stanford students is a unique opportunity to engage with the world and make a difference.

Collaborate with Seed

Whether you’re a venture capitalist looking for companies in emerging markets, a nonprofit committed to supporting entrepreneurs in developing economies, or a government representative dedicated to expanding small businesses in your country, together we can make an even stronger impact.

Give to Seed

Help fuel Seed’s mission and increase impact with donations of time, talent, and treasure.