MSx student and his daughter

Student & Family Life

One year to focus on your goals, reflect on your career, absorb knowledge, and enrich your life — for you and your family.

  • An immersive lifestyle change that breaks you out of the day-to-day, allowing you to focus and achieve your highest potential
  • A living and learning environment including classes across Stanford, on-campus childcare centers, fitness facilities, and enriching events
  • Ground-breaking research, renowned guest speakers, and a community of thought-leaders — all striving to change lives, change organizations, and change the world

Your year in the MSx Program will revolutionize your life and that of your family. It is an opportunity to chase the vision you want for your career, plug into a tight-knit community, and add multinational friends to your network.

Bonus: Spouses and children also relish the year and experience their own growth and transformations.