MSx student and his daughter

Student & Family Life

Your learning and growth does not stop when you step outside the classroom. The Stanford experience provides opportunities 24/7 to enrich your learning, reflect on your life, and create momentum to reach your goals — for you and your family.

  • An immersive lifestyle on the Stanford campus and in the heart of Silicon Valley gives you access to one of the world’s premier ecosystems of human capital every day, allowing you to focus and achieve your highest potential.
  • A living and learning environment includes classes across Stanford, diverse social events, fitness facilities, and enriching activities for you, as well as for partners and family members.
  • Ground-breaking research, renowned guest speakers, and a community of thought-leaders — all striving to change lives, change organizations, and change the world.

The Stanford MSx community is like no other in the world, bringing together not only its globally diverse cohort of accomplished students, but also the family members that join so many of them in their journey at Stanford. More than half our students live at Stanford with their significant other while attending the program, and more than 30% bring children.

9 Words to Describe MSx Student Life
9 Words to Describe MSx Student Life
What constitutes one year at Stanford GSB in the MSx Program? Check out the words that are the foundation to a remarkable student life experience.

Your year in the MSx Program will revolutionize your life and that of your family. It is an opportunity to chase the vision you want for your career, plug into a tight-knit community, and add multinational friends to your network.

Bonus: Spouses and children also relish the year and experience their own growth and transformations.

Alumni Spotlight
MS 2018

“The MSx Program isn’t just oriented for the success of the student, but also for the success of the student’s family. It’s a community experience. Coming here, my family grew closer, and we built a new circle of lifelong friends.”