Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is transformative. At Stanford GSB, we offer our students a variety of opportunities to ground their learning in real, immediate experiences that deepen their knowledge, expand their perspectives, and build their skillset.

Action Learning Program

The Action Learning Program offers students a unique opportunity to combine real-world experience with the support of the classroom. In ALP courses, students collaborate in teams to address an immediate business need for a partner organization, developing domain knowledge and skill sets essential for their careers.

Real-Time Analysis & Investment Lab

The RAIL environment prepares students for careers in investment management by replicating real-world experiences. With 24 workstations laid out to mimic a trading floor and the CNBC broadcast blaring in the background, students become immersed in information while they use sophisticated software applications.

Experiential Learning Opportunities by Focus Area

Entrepreneurial Experiential Courses

Gain hands-on learning about the process of evaluating new venture opportunities through our entrepreneurial experiential courses.

Develop your talent, knowledge, and capacity for effective leadership through a variety of leadership courses and on-going coaching.

Learn firsthand how to leverage your general management education to make a difference.

Develop your ability to communicate with authenticity, confidence, and passion in order to lead effectively.

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