International Students at Stanford GSB

Our goal of developing transformational leaders with a desire to make an impact in the world makes Stanford GSB an ideal fit for international students.

As a result, Stanford GSB’s global reputation draws bright, accomplished individuals from around the world. Over 40% of our MBA students and over 75% of our MSx students hold a passport from outside the U.S. They bring fresh perspectives, unique experiences, and vital diversity to campus.

International Mix
MBA Students 35% international in the Class of 2022
MSx Students 64% international in the Class of 2017
Faculty 30% born outside of the U.S.
Alumni 32% of alumni work in other countries
Alumni Chapters 70+ countries and regions supported

Our international students can expect comprehensive support even before their first day on campus. That support continues throughout their experience, and as they prepare to take their next steps.

You can choose to participate in a variety of communication workshops and seminars aimed at enhancing your skills and confidence in verbal and written English. And, you’ll find a wide variety of clubs geared toward regional interests, like the Latin American Club and the Africa Business Club.

When it’s time to begin your career search, you will be able to meet with one of our career advisors, who will help you refine goals and pinpoint opportunities. Additionally, Stanford GSB makes it easy for the many U.S. companies who recruit our graduates to hire international students, and actively engages with the Bechtel International Center to facilitate work authorization.

students checking out global opportunities

Our career management advisors are equipped to help international students pursue a job search in the U.S. or globally. They can help you develop a job search strategy that is aligned with your goals, as well as support you on more tactical matters such as positioning yourself and interviewing.

Alumni Spotlights

MBA 2014

I already feel like I have friends from all corners of the world! When I see people are helping each other overcome language barriers, or offer contacts and informational interviews, it reminds me that when I'm ready to pursue partnerships in Europe, America or elsewhere, I'll have the chance.

Managing Director, Advanced Eye Hospital
MBA 2011

My classmates at Stanford GSB were like one big family — each of us brought a unique perspective that not only facilitated learning but made it fun! I was inspired by their amazing stories, drive, and dedication to causes that were meaningful to them.

Student Clubs with an International Focus

Africa Business Club (ABC)

Our Mission is to spur conversations at Stanford about doing business in Africa and to connect the Stanford community with other parties interested in business in Africa by creating a platform that actively engages with and serves the student community, facilitating conversations to create awareness and give students as much context and opportunity for engagement as possible, and developing an outward-looking perspective that goes beyond the GSB and seeks to participate in developing innovative solutions to solve complex problems in Africa.

Asian Business Student Association (ABSA)

The Asian Business Student Association (ABSA) aims to unite all GSB students who are from Asia, of Asian descent, and/or interested in Asia from a cultural or business perspective under a common organization. ABSA will promote social integration, rewire Asian stereotypes and bridge the communication gap between Asians and the broader class, and help students explore Asia-related career opportunities.

Europe Club

The Europe Club is a community gathering of all students sharing an interest in European culture and business. Our goal is to provide a space for European students to share their culture and non-European students to discover it through the organization of social and cultural events (e.g., European movie nights, small group dinners, wine and cheese nights, parties). We also want to help GSB students explore European career opportunities via the organization of BBLs with European employers and networking events with European alumni.

Greater China Business Club (GCBC)

The Greater China Business Club is a platform, interface, and exchange for people interested in business in the Greater China region: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong. The club will provide opportunities to connect, share knowledge, learn, discover, and create opportunities. First and foremost, we strive to improve our members’ ability to succeed in Greater China-related business. We seek to do this using the following strategies:

  1. Pooling and expanding our networks with GSB and Stanford alumni as well as other members of the Greater China business community
  2. Conducting educational events to increase the depth of our understanding of Greater Chinese business
  3. Promoting the Stanford GSB brand name in Greater China and within Greater China business circles in the Stanford area

Latin American Student Association (LASA)

The Latin American Student Association (LASA) has the goal of strengthening the bonds among the Latin community at the GSB and all those interested in it while at the same time increasing the awareness of the GSB community in Latin issues. To fulfill its end, LASA organizes not only parties, barbecues, and other social gatherings but also speaker series, career development activities, and academic-related events.

Middle East and North Africa Club (MENA)

The Middle East and North Africa club promotes the region within the GSB through speakers, recruiting events, admissions, and alumni events. The club’s focus is strictly on promoting the business and cultural aspects of the region, leaving the political part to other clubs at Stanford that are better suited.