Stanford Women on Boards Initiative

The Stanford Women on Boards Initiative (SWB) is committed to increasing the representation of Stanford alumnae on corporate and fiduciary boards, increasing Stanford women’s readiness for board service, and further developing the capabilities and influence of Stanford women already on boards.

Founded in 2009, SWB:

  • Promotes programs that provide opportunities for professional networking connections and educational enhancement, within and outside of Stanford.
  • Provides a community forum for Stanford women on boards and prospective board candidates, as well as for those who support the advancement of women on boards.
  • Offers guidance to women seeking to enhance their qualifications for board service.
  • Provides access to highlights on the latest corporate governance research from the Corporate Governance Research Initiative and keeps members apprised of educational events on private and public board service provided by the Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance.
  • Collaborates with students on career paths to board service.

SWB Membership Criteria

If you are a Stanford alumna, faculty, or staff member, or a board experienced Stanford alumnus who is interested in supporting the advancement of women on boards, then you qualify for membership in Stanford Women on Boards. Update your Alumni Network profile with your resume, board service, and areas of expertise, then request membership.

Member Benefits

  • Access to our members-only LinkedIn group for networking, member news, and updates
  • Complimentary access to board registries and resources
  • Inclusion in searches for open board positions
  • Professional networking and educational events
  • Updates on the latest board diversity trends, news, and research

Find a Director Candidate

If you are with a search firm or an organization with an open board seat, share your opportunity with us. We will post the opportunity on our LinkedIn group (anonymously if you wish), and would be happy to work with you to provide you with the board resumes of qualified candidates within our network. Email Deepti Jaggi or Elizabeth Weatherman.

SWB strives to be a valuable resource to search consultants and nominating committees. We will help identify highly qualified Stanford alumnae candidates for your open board seat, but do not attempt to make placements or to provide other search services. There is no fee for our referrals.

SWB Advisory Board
  • Deepti Jaggi, MBA ’02, Co-Chair
  • Elizabeth Weatherman, MBA ’88, Co-Chair
  • Nazila Alasti, MBA ’88
  • Linda Bialecki, MBA ’79
  • Lynn Bleil, MBA ’89
  • Kathryn Bowsher, MBA ’91
  • Martha Bradt, MBA ’88
  • Tony Brown, MBA ’91
  • Debbie Byron, AB ’75, MBA ’84
  • Rose Chen, MS ’97
  • Martha Clark, MBA ’80
  • Mayree Clark, MBA ’81
  • Kristin Daley, BA ’90
  • Alison Davis, MBA ’88
  • Jeff Epstein, MBA ’79
  • Michelle Fortier, MBA ’00
  • Maria Frantz, MBA ’94
  • Lorraine Fox, BA ’79
  • Suzanne Killea, MBA ’91
  • Becky Klein, BA ’87
  • Joanna Lohkamp, BA ’86
  • Irina Malkova, MBA ’13
  • Shawnte Mitchell, BS ’99
  • Amanda Packel, Rock Center
  • Laura Peterson, BA ’83
  • Ermelinda Porpiglia, PD ’16
  • Heather Redman, JD ’90
  • Sharon Richmond, MBA ’88
  • Menna Samaha, MBA/MA ’13
  • Rachel Braun Scherl, MBA ’92
  • Linda Segre, AB ’81, MBA ’87
  • Zeenat Sidi, MS ’93
  • Jennifer Urdan, AB ’81
  • Geoffrey Yang, MBA ’85
  • Justine Young Gottshall, JD ’94