Alumni Consulting Team Volunteers

The mission of Stanford ACT is to drive lasting community impact by engaging teams of GSB alumni who apply their expertise and passion to strengthen social benefit organizations.

The Stanford Alumni Consulting Team (ACT) provides strategic pro bono expertise in a wide range of areas. ACT volunteers are Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) alumni at various stages of their careers with expertise in general management, strategy, business and market analysis, financial management, earned revenue, marketing, technology, and more. They are savvy about how organizations function, including the challenges of planning, decision-making, and implementing change.

Stanford GSB is committed to making a lasting, positive change toward eliminating bias and racism beyond our community. To support this goal, ACT will undertake 50 projects by the end of 2025 for organizations that are committed to inclusion and racial equity.

Announcing Springboard Sessions — A New Alumni Consulting Team Initiative

For the past several months ACT has been conducting a strategic review to plan for the future. We are happy to announce a new service option – Springboard Sessions, two hours of brainstorming with other alumni and the client to generate ideas to aid a social benefit organization with a specific strategic issue. Springboard Sessions will occur in the Spring-Summer round, and ACT will continue to offer traditional consulting projects in the Fall-Winter round. 

Springboard Sessions

Springboard Sessions are 2-hour brainstorming sessions with a GSB alumni team that is pre-briefed on the client and the specific strategic issue to be addressed. Volunteer recruitment will take place for 2023 Springboards in June, and sessions will occur during the second half of July.

Service Offerings

ACT offers three services: Springboard Sessions and Full Team or Fast Track Consulting Projects. The options vary in scope, team size, time commitment, and duration of service.

Upcoming Key Dates
January 9, 2024 Springboard Session Nonprofit Application Deadline
June 30, 2024 Consulting Project Nonprofit Interest Form Deadline


The Alumni Consulting Team was founded in 1987 by a Stanford GSB student and an alumna and has grown to be one of the largest pro bono resource providers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since its inception, ACT has served 765 clients with over 1,000 projects for an estimated consulting value of $95 million.

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Alumni Spotlight
MBA 1997

“It’s a heady experience collaborating with skilled Stanford GSB alumni, all aligned in the goal of making ACT the premier pro-bono consulting organization for volunteers and nonprofits alike.”

Volunteer Appreciation Event with Stanford Deans Levin and Minor
Volunteer Appreciation Event with Stanford Deans Levin and Minor
GSB Dean Jon Levin and Stanford School of Medicine Dean Lloyd B. Minor in conversation on racial injustice, COVID-19, and the impact of ACT volunteers