Planned Giving Benefits

A well-planned gift sustains your generosity after your lifetime and makes a powerful statement about the legacy you wish to leave. It can also be an effective way to achieve your financial and estate planning goals while supporting the GSB into the future.

Typically offering the opportunity to save on income or estate taxes, many planned giving arrangements generate significant charitable tax deductions when the gift is made. Thoughtful gift planning also can help eliminate, reduce, or defer capital gains taxes for gifts made with appreciated assets, such as real estate or securities.

With some planned giving vehicles, you can reap the benefits of having your gift assets managed by Stanford University’s investment experts, enabling you to benefit from access to a range of investment opportunities not generally available to the public.

Planned gifts can be either unrestricted, allowing the school to seize opportunities or meet unforeseen needs, or you can direct your support to a particular area that is meaningful to you. In addition, your planned gift can provide resources that support current needs upon receipt, or — by meeting a minimum gift level — be endowed, and leave a legacy in perpetuity.

Giving Spotlight

MBA 1985

“Even to this day, pursuing the Stanford MBA has opened more doors than I could have ever imagined. It has been one of the most significant events shaping my personal and professional life. It is for this reason that I set up my estate plan naming the GSB as one of the primary beneficiaries, with the gift to be used for fellowship purposes to help support a future MBA student.”