Volunteering for Springboard Sessions

Springboard Sessions are 2-hour brainstorming sessions with a GSB alumni team that is pre-briefed on the client and the specific strategic issue to be addressed. For the 2024 cycle, Volunteer recruitment will take place in February, and sessions will occur in April.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Review the organization’s website and supplied background materials in advance (estimated time: one hour).
  • Attend the full scheduled two-hour springboard session.

Past Springboard Sessions

Past Springboard sessions have addressed issues on a wide range of topics, including messaging, strategy, identity, KPIs, fundraising, go to market and more.

  • What is our organization’s unique value proposition?
  • How can our organization improve its messaging to foundations, local agencies and private sector organizations?
  • What is a good, low cost strategy to engage large companies that can receive value from our organization’s services?
  • How can our organization evolve its key performance indicators to demonstrate value to potential donors?
  • What messages can our organization use to engage 28 to 45 year olds to invest in our services?
  • How can our organization improve our current messaging about the organization and its services?
  • What are the gaps in our organization’s capital campaign pitch deck explaining why potential funders should donate to our cause?
  • How should our organization evaluate potential new partners in our work?
  • How can our organization begin to create an employee development strategy?

If you would like to help an organization answer key questions and accelerate its business success, sign up for a Springboard Session today!

Didi Engel
MBA ’96

“With the background materials and narrow focus of the issue we were addressing, the 2 hours was sufficient for us to generate numerous ideas for the non-profit team. I would like to participate again!” – Didi Engel, MBA ’96

Maya Watts
MBA ’08

“It's a small time commitment but has potential for high impact. It's a great way to get connected back into the community - and for a great cause.” – Maya Watts, MBA ’08

Nonprofits & Civic Entities