Volunteering for Springboard Sessions

Starting in July 2023, Stanford Alumni Consulting Team will begin offering a new opportunity for volunteers. Springboard Sessions will consist of small teams of GSB alumni participating in two-hour online brainstorming sessions to generate ideas that aid social benefit organizations. The organizations will present a specific challenge that enables alumni to provide a brief and impactful way to apply their professional experience for a good cause.

Participation Requirements

  • Review the organization’s website and supplied background materials in advance (estimated time: one hour).
  • Attend the full scheduled two-hour springboard session.
Didi Engel
MBA ’96

“With the background materials and narrow focus of the issue we were addressing, the 2 hours was sufficient for us to generate numerous ideas for the non-profit team. I would like to participate again!” – Didi Engel, MBA ’96

Maya Watts
MBA ’08

“It's a small time commitment but has potential for high impact. It's a great way to get connected back into the community - and for a great cause.” – Maya Watts, MBA ’08

Nonprofits & Civic Entities