Academic Placements

Graduates of our PhD program have gone on to become leading scholars at top universities.

Our recent academic placements are listed by year of graduation, with their dissertation title.

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Douglas Laporte, ’23
Washington University in St. Louis
Measuring Cross-Sectional Variation in Expected Returns: A Machine Learning Approach
Shawn Shi, ’22
University of Washington
How Does Better Public Firm Disclosure Affect Private Firm Financing?
Andrew Baker, ’21
Stanford University, Rock Center (Post-doc)
Essays in Corporate Governance
Stefan Huber, ’21
Rice University
Loan Loss Measurement and Bank Lending
Sara Malik, ’21
University of Utah
Without a Word of WARN-ing: Advance Notice, Information Quality, and Labor Market Outcomes
Steven Mitsuda, ’20
University of Montana
The Effect of Chief Accounting Officers on Financial Reporting Quality
Edward M. Watts, ’20
Yale School of Management
Lemons or Unicorns: The Market for Pre-IPO Employee Equity
Chloe L. Xie, ’20
MIT Sloan School of Management
The Signal Quality of Earnings Announcements: Evidence From an Informed Trading Cartel
Ken Li, ’19
McMaster University
Linguistics Fundamentals in Earnings Press Releases
Christina Zhu, ’19
Big Data as a Governance Mechanism
Kurt H. Gee, ’18
Penn State University, Smeal College of Business
Readability, Profitability, and Discretionary MD&A Text
Charles McClure, ’18
University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Determinants of Tax Avoidance
Trung Nguyen, ’18
Harvard Business School
The Effectiveness of White-Collar Crime Enforcement: Evidence from the War on Terror
Aneesh Raghunandan, ’17
London School of Economics
Government Subsidies and Corporate Fraud

Economic Analysis & Policy

Martino Banchio, ’23
Bocconi University (2024)
Adaptive Algorithms and Collusion via Coupling
Daniel Chen, ’23
Princeton University
Analysis of Modern Market Structures
Zi Yang Kang, ’23
Harvard University (postdoc); University of Toronto (2024)
The Public Option and Optimal Redistribution
Suraj Malladi, ’21
Cornell University
Delegated Screening and Robustness
Enrique Ide, ’20
IESE Business School
Yucheng Liang, ’20
briq Institute (Postdoc); Carnegie Mellon University (2021)
Learning from unknown information sources
Anthony Lee Zhang, ’19
University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Competition and Manipulation in Derivative Contract Markets
Dmitry Arkhangelsky, ’18
Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CEMFI)
Essays in Econometrics
Shannon Liu, ’18
University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management
Theory and Applications of Collective Investment
Piotr Dworczak, ’17
Northwestern University, Department of Economics
Mechanism Design with Aftermarkets


Xu Lu, ’23
University of Washington, Foster School of Business
Monetary Transmission and Portfolio Rebalancing: A Cross-Sectional Approach
Lulu Wang (Yichuan), ’23
Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management
Payment Network Competition
Amy Wang Huber, ’22
Rice University (postdoc); Wharton School
Lender Preference, Borrower Market Power, and the Effect of RRP
Dan Luo, ’22
Chicago Booth (postdoc); Chinese University of Hong Kong
Raising Capital from Investor Syndicates with Strategic Communication
Yilin (David) Yang, ’22
The City University of Hong Kong
What Quantity of Reserves Is Sufficient?
Samuel Antill, ’20
Harvard Business School
Essays in Financial Economics
Jonathan Wallen, ’20
Harvard Business School
Markups to Financial Intermediation in Foreign Exchange Markets
Yu An, ’19
Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School
Competing with Inventory in Dealership Markets
Jiacui Li, ’19
University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business
Sophisticated Inattention and Investor Underreaction
Wenhao Li, ’19
University of Southern California
Public Liquidity and Financial Crises
Yiming Ma, ’18
Columbia Business School
Intermediation in the Interbank Lending Market
Yang Song, ’18
University of Washington, Foster School of Business
Essays in Financial Economics
Marco Giacoletti, ’17
University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business
Essays in Financial Economics
Zhe Wang, ’17
Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business
Essays in Financial Economics


George (Zhida) Gui, ’23
Columbia GSB
Designing Promises with Reference-Dependent Customers: The Case of Online GroceryDelivery Time
Rupali Kaul, ’23
Using Marketing Technology to Grow Small Businesses: Evidence from Field Experiments in Emerging Markets
Shwetha Mariadassou, ’23
Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management
The Effects of Information Modality on Decision-Making
Wendy J. De La Rosa, ’22
The Impact of Resource Timing on Consumers' Resource Perceptions, Justifications, and Discretionary Spending
Jen Park, ’22
University of British Columbia
The Role of Response Modes in Consumer Judgment and Choice
Michelle (Yingze) Song, ’22
Boston College
How Do Personalized Recommendations Affect Consumer Exploration: A Field Experiment
Jessica Yu, ’22
University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
Search, Selectivity, and Market Thickness in Two Sided Markets
Christopher J. Bechler, ’21
University of Notre Dame
A Categorical Perspective on Attitudes: Implications for Perceived Change, Persuasive Targeting, and the Attitude-Behavior Relationship
Rhia Catapano, ’21
University of Toronto
Essays on the Role of Values in Changing Minds
Shreya Kankanhalli, ’21
Pennsylvania State University
Modernizing Retail Firms in Emerging Markets
Megan Hunter, ’20
Boston College, Carroll School of Management
Strategic Utilization and Communication of Information
Ilya Morozov, ’20
Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management
Consumer Behavior, Pricing, and Product Entry in Markets with Information Frictions
Melanie Brucks, ’19
Columbia University
The Creativity Paradox: Encouraging Creative Ideas Blocks Idea Generation
Justin T. Huang, ’18
University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
Visibility Policy, Seller Incentives, and Pricing Dynamics in a Digital Goods Marketplace
Tomomichi Amano, ’17
Columbia Business School
Ratcheting, Competition, and the Diffusion of Technological Change: The Case of Televisions under an Energy Efficiency Program
Kristina Brecko, ’17
University of Rochester, Simon Business School
New Features Free of Charge? Using Price to Sort Consumers Among Legacy Software Versions
Lauren B. Cheatham, ’17
University of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business
The Effects of Attitude Certainty on Attitudinal Advocacy: Understanding the Antecedents and Consequences of Consumer Advocacy
Stephanie Lin, ’17
Singapore Management University
The Consumer's Code of Virtue

Operations, Information & Technology

Mingxi Zhu, ’23
Georgia Tech, Scheller College of Business
Essays on Optimization Algorithms and its Applications in Online Platform Revenue Management
Wenjia Ba, ’22
University of British Columbia
Sequential Decision Making in Online Platforms
Wanning Chen, ’22
University of Washington
Learning and Decision-Making with Matrix-Shaped Data
Bar Light, ’21
Microsoft Research (Post Doc); Tel Aviv University
Market Design for Platforms and the Analysis of Large Games
Danqi Luo, ’21
University of California, San Diego
Impacts of Emergency Department Crowding: from Identification to Mitigation
Jae Hyuck Park, ’21
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Post-doc)
Essays in Perishable Inventory Management
Zhengli Wang, ’21
University of Hong Kong
A Stochastic Steepest Descent Approach to Entrepreneurial Opportunity Search
Xavier Sebastian Warnes, ’21
Stanford University, Wood Institute (Post-doc)
Social Good, Fairness, and Efficiency in Operations Management
Ignacio Andres Rios, ’20
The University of Texas at Dallas
Essays on Behavioral Market Design

Organizational Behavior

Abraham Oshotse, ’23
Emory University
Inferring Social Structure from Digital Trace Data: Applications to Organizations and Markets
Natasha Overmeyer, ’23
University of Oregon
Selling Snake Oil and Unicorns: Performative Standardization in the Evaluation and Socialization Processes of Entrepreneurial Ideas
Paul Vicinanza, ’23
UC Berkeley, Haas Business School (post doc)
The Social Structure of Knowledge Innovation, Diffusion, and Practice
Charles Chu, ’22
Boston University
Essays on Self, Meaning, and Polarization
Shiya Wang, ’22
Harvard Business School (Post-Doc)
Pay-Setting, Gender Inequality, and Initial Salary Offers
Vivian Xiao, ’22
Vanderbilt University (postdoc)
A New Understanding of Race and Gender in Leadership: Punishments and Rewards for Breaking or Adhering to Gender Norms Across Race
Matt Cummins, ’21
ESSEC Business School
Essays in Nonverbal Organizational Design
Chunchen Xu, ’21
Stanford University, Psychology Department (Research Associate)
Know yourself: centrality of beliefs to the self predicts an interest in exploration
Anjali M. Bhatt, ’20
Santa Fe Institute (Postdoc); Harvard Business School (2021)
Neither blank slate nor set in stone: Cultural behaviors of organizational newcomers
Solène Delecourt, ’20
University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business
Field Experiments in Performance Inequality Among Small Businesses: Evidence from India and Uganda
Naomi M. Fa-Kaji, ’20
Rice University (Postdoc)
Seeing Harm, Thinking, "Humans": Perceptions of Harm Prompt Human-Driven Explanations
Amelia M Stillwell, ’20
University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business
Gendered Racial Boundary Maintenance: Social Penalties for White Women in Interracial Relationships
Matthew Corritore, ’18
McGill University
Essays on the Consequences and Determinants of Cultural Heterogeneity in Firms
Jennifer E. Dannals, ’18
Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business
Essays in Social Norm Perception
Arthur Jago, ’18
University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business (Postdoc)
Locating Conviction Within Organizations
Julian J. Zlatev, ’18
Harvard Business School
Self-Interest and Other-Interest Motives in Prosocial Behavior
David Peter Daniels, ’17
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Business School
Nudge Strategies
Sora Jun, ’17
University of Texas-Dallas, Naveen Jindal School of Management
Understanding Complex Hierarchy Dynamics: Dominant Group Members' Responses to Inter-Subordinate Group Coalition
Anthony Vashevko, ’17
National University of Singapore (Postdoc); Essec Business School (Postdoc); INSEAD (2019)
Strategic Responses to Categorization

Political Economics

Marcos Salgado, ’22
Fundação Getulio Vargas
Building Loyalty through Personal Connections: Evidence from the Spanish Empire
Ashutosh Thakur, ’21
National University of Singapore
Matching Theory Applications in Political Economy
Hugh Xiaolong Wu, ’21
Washington University in St. Louis (Postdoc); Washington University in St. Louis
Field Experiments in Firms
Nathan Atkinson, ’19
ETH Zurich, Center for Law and Economics (Postdoc)
Essays in Law and Business
Thomas Choate, ’19
Duke University, Department of Political Science (PostDoc)
Essays in Political Economy
Christian Fong, ’19
University of Michigan, Political Science
The Allocation of Rights to Congressional Leaders
Zhao Li, ’19
Princeton University, Department of Politics
Three Essays on Money in Politics in the United States
Peter Schram, ’17
Vanderbilt University, Department of Political Science
Essays on Counterinsurgency