The Knight Management Center with Hoover Tower in the background

Policy and Innovation Initiative

We focus a lens on the intersection of government policy, disruptive innovation, and business strategy.


Business does not exist in a vacuum — government policy impacts the structure of the market from which competitive advantage derives. In turn, business plays a role in the formulation of government policy. This interdependence is particularly important in innovative industries, where new business models often conflict with existing regulatory frameworks and entrenched market and political power. Understanding the interplay of policy and innovation is essential for entrepreneurs, investors, and incumbent firms, both small and large, early stage or mature.

We aim to advance cutting-edge research and provoke thought. We are looking to develop a new and richer understanding of business strategy that accommodates policy and its impact on market structure, and to provide analytical frameworks to help entrepreneurs, business leaders and regulators to navigate their environment.

We are building a community around policy and innovation, drawn from key players and stakeholders across various sectors: entrepreneurs, CEOs, regulators and policymakers, venture capitalists, general counsels, government relations departments, academics, etc. We provide a common ground for open dialogue, improved comprehension of the issues and advanced understanding between the players, to transfer learnings and to foster collaborations.


The Herbert Hoover Professor of Public and Private Management and Professor of Political Economy