Steven Callander

Professor, Political Economy

Steven Callander

The Herbert Hoover Professor of Public and Private Management and Professor of Political Economy

Professor (by courtesy) of Economics and Political Science, School of Humanities and Sciences
Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
Academic Area:

Additional Administrative Titles

Director, Policy and Innovation Initiative
Director, Future Global Environments
Co-Director, Managing Risk and Reputation in a Complex World

Research Statement

Steve Callander’s research interests lie at the intersection of business, politics, and society. As a researcher, he uses the tools of game theory to build models of political and economic institutions (legislatures, bureaucracies, markets, etc.) to understand how they work, how they can be designed better, and how business strategy can incorporate “beyond market” issues. At the GSB, Professor Callander teaches classes on Strategy Beyond Markets and Strategic Crisis Management in both the MBA program and a variety of Executive Education programs.


Steve Callander is a professor of political economy at Stanford Graduate School of Business. His research has been published in leading journals of economics and political science, including the American Economic Review, the American Political Science Review, and the Journal of Political Economy. He received a B.Commerce (Honours) from the University of New South Wales, Australia, and a MS and PhD from Caltech. Before moving to Stanford, he taught at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and was a visiting scholar at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Social Science, California Institute of Technology, 2002
  • MS in Social Science, California Institute of Technology, 1999
  • BCommerce (1st Class Honours), Economics and Finance, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 1996

Academic Appointments

  • Associate Professor (with tenure), Stanford GSB.
  • Visiting Scholar, Harris School of Public Policy - University of Chicago.
  • Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences, Kellogg School of Management - Northwestern University.

Awards and Honors

  • Robert and Marilyn Jaedicke Faculty Fellow for 2021–22
  • GSB Trust Faculty Fellow, 2010–11, 2012–13, 2013–14
  • Excellence in Refereeing Award, 2009, 2012
  • QJPS Referee Hall of Fame 2005–14


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Working Papers

Steven Callander, Niko Matouschek December 11, 2014
Steven Callander, Davin Raiha November 12, 2014


Executive Education & Other Non-Degree Programs

Discover business growth strategies and build a stronger company designed to sustain progress, scale management, and facilitate market expansion.
Effectively diagnose and solve problems using proven frameworks for executing change in this multidisciplinary strategic management course.
Anticipate and develop strategies to address critical beyond-market forces, from legislation and regulation to activism and the media.
Reinvigorate and ramp up your professional journey and evolve as a leader in our flagship executive program.
Transform knowledge into impact and drive innovation and change in your organization with Stanford LEAD, our flagship online business program.

Stanford Case Studies

Steven Callander, Joseph Golden, Blake Kavanaugh
Steven Callander, Jeffrey Conn, Hencye Sights
Steven Callander, Amadeus Orleans, Jeff Conn
Steven Callander, Amadeus Orleans, Jeff Conn, Carlos Varjao
Steven Callander, Amadeus Orleans, Jeff Conn
Steven Callander, Josh Richman, Cameron Lehman
Steven Callander, Cameron Lehman
Steven Callander, David Hoyt
Steven Callander, David Hoyt

Stanford GSB Affiliations

  • PhD Field Liaison Stanford GSB - Political Economy Group 2009–2013
  • Co-organizer Stanford GSB - Political Economy Seminar Series 2010–2011, 2012–2013
  • Area Coordinator Stanford GSB - Political Economy Group 2015–2016

Stanford University Affiliations

  • Professor of Economics (by courtesy) Department of Economics

Service to the Profession

Editorial Positions

  • Board of Editors, American Economic Review, 2012-present.
  • Associate Editor, Quantitative Economics, 2013-present.
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Theoretical Politics, 2014-present

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School News

February 27, 2018
“Effective leaders in the digital age will need to be mindful of the social consequences of technology.”
April 07, 2016
Business doesn’t operate in a vacuum; it’s buffeted by the unpredictable winds of government, the media, and countless other influential groups.