Sunrun in 2017: Net Metering in Nevada (A)

By Steven Callander, Josh Richman, Cameron Lehman
2018 | Case No. P93A | Length 11 pgs.
In 2015, the Nevada Public Utility Commission (PUC) passed a ruling that essentially eliminated net metering, dramatically reducing the compensation rate for home solar owners selling excess electricity back to the utility company. As a result, solar companies, including Sunrun, were forced to close down operations, severing 3,000 industry jobs. This case profiles the PUC’s decision, and Sunrun’s strategy in dealing with out-of-market forces in order to retain a sales presence in the state of Nevada.

Learning Objective

Understand how market and out-of-market forces work within the energy industry; review strategy when ability to sell is circumscribed by political and governmental bodies.
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