Explore books written by Stanford GSB faculty.

Jennifer Aaker, Naomi Joanne Bagdonas
February 2021


Book Cover for Humor, Seriously
Marlene Orozco, Alfonso Morales, Michael J. Pisani, Jerry I. Porras
April 2020
Jesper B. Sørensen, Glenn R. Carroll
Joel C. Peterson, David A. Kaplan
September 17, 2019
H.R. McMaster
March 1, 2019
Dereliction of Duty
David A. Waldman, Charles A. O’Reilly
January 2019
Leadership for Organizations
Jeffrey Pfeffer
March 20, 2018
Dying for a Paycheck
Jonathan B. Berk, Peter M. DeMarzo, Jarrad Harford
Book cover for Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
David M. Kreps


Book cover for The Motivation Tookit
Federico M. Antoni
December 12, 2016
land of unicornios
Robert A. Burgelman, Webb McKinney, Phillip E. Meza
December 1, 2016
Becoming Hewlett Packard
Charles A. O’Reilly, Michael L. Tushman
March 2016
book cover for Lead and Disrupt