Get Involved

Join us to address the social problems that contribute to economic inequality.

How We Help Organizations

Our team of affiliated faculty and students combine the technical, professional, and domain expertise needed to collaborate with all types of organizations across a range of industries, from large firms to startups, for-profits to nonprofits, and NGOs to governments.

Organizations can benefit by learning from the best practices we have identified and contributing to the social impact community by sharing the learnings we develop together. Projects typically incorporate postdocs and students, thus providing enriching experiential learning opportunities and simultaneously expanding the scope and depth of socially impactful projects an organization is capable of working on.

Opportunities for Students

Collaborations provide valuable opportunities for postdocs and students to participate in research projects, honing their empirical and technical skills while creating a positive impact on society.

Depending on the project, students produce or contribute to academic papers, blog posts and thought leadership content, guest speaker lectures, solution surveys, or teaching materials, such as case studies.