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Stanford Seed Programs

Find the program that’s right for you and get the world-class business training you need to transform, grow, and make an impact.

Seed Transformation Program for Established Entrepreneurs

This 10-month, in-person and online business program is designed exclusively for CEOs or founders and their management teams who run the most promising businesses throughout Africa and South Asia. Participants apply concepts and tools to help grow and scale their companies and positively impact their communities.

STP is designed for CEOs or founders of established companies or market-driven social enterprises with an annual revenue between US $300,000 and US $15 million.

Seed Spark Program for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

This five-month, online entrepreneurship program helps early-stage entrepreneurs build their business strategy, grow their network, and boost their business acumen. Spark collaborates with incubators, accelerators, and other organizations in Africa and South Asia to deliver this training program to promising startups.

Spark is designed for early-stage entrepreneurs in the growth or traction stage who are nominated by Seed collaborators. The founder is working full time on the startup with a dedicated team and has a minimal viable product or service already in place.

Program Comparison

Program Seed Spark Program Seed Transformation Program (STP)


Build your early-stage startup strategy and enhance your business acumen Scale your established business


Online In person and online


5 months 10 months


5 hours per week

2 in-person, immersive weeks
4 customized workshops: 2 online and 2 in person at your company
5 – 8 hours per week online for CEO/founder and 2-4 hours per week for senior team members



Entrepreneurs are nominated by Spark collaborator organizations only Annual open enrollment by application

Company and Participant Comparison

Company / Participant Seed Spark Program Seed Transformation Program (STP)


Early stage, with a prototype or minimum viable product or service in place Established business in growth stage


Pre-revenue and early revenue up to US $300,000 US $300,000 to US $15 million annually

Years in Business

1 year minimum 3 years minimum

Size of
Management Team

Founder working full time on the startup, with a dedicated team Have a management team of two people in addition to the CEO or founder