Seed coach working with an entrepreneur in India.

Be a Coach

Volunteer for a year. Make a lifetime impact.

On the Ground

Seed is all about action and results. To that end, a small group of high-potential leaders who have completed the Seed Transformation Program are selected to receive one year of high-touch business coaching. As a Seed coach, you’ll engage directly with these leaders and their companies, on the ground, in their communities. Because we believe that’s the only way real change happens.


Seed coaches work side by side with entrepreneurs to help them implement their companies’ transformation plans: detailed action plans for transforming companies into industry leaders and job creators. All aspects of management — leadership, product design, finance, marketing, supply chain, and more — factor into these plans.

A Yearlong Commitment

Helping companies achieve transformation takes hard work and a sustained commitment. Coach responsibilities include living in the region and working intensely with eight to ten companies during the year-long service. Travel is an integral part of the Seed coach position as well. Expect to spend 25% to 50% of your time visiting company sites and/or offices.

Being a Seed Coach

Being a Seed Coach

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Assistant Director, Coaching Program, Stanford Seed