Rapid Decarbonization Initiative

The Rapid Decarbonization Initiative (formerly Energy Business Innovations) examines the challenges and opportunities for the electricity, transportation, and industrial sectors that emerge from the transition to a decarbonized energy future.

Despite broad consensus that the world’s economies must transition to decarbonized energy sources, questions remain whether this can be achieved in time to avert the most harmful consequences of global warming due to increased CO2 concentrations. Neither is it clear how different pathways to decarbonization compare in terms of economic benefits and costs.

RDI focuses on how the transition to a decarbonized energy future can be accelerated and accepted in the marketplace.

Research Focus Areas

  • The changing economics of decarbonization
  • Integration of renewable energy into electric power systems around the world
  • Costs of energy storage
  • Prospects and synergies for electric mobility and the electric grid
  • Industrial decarbonization
  • Corporate carbon accounting
  • Advances in digital technology in creating a flexible and decarbonized grid

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Leading After a Nuclear Disaster

Leading After a Nuclear Disaster

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