Dedicated Research Fellow Track

Grow and immerse yourself in research under the guidance of a dedicated faculty member for the duration of the program.

The dedicated track is for those who know their area of interest and want more research experience working with a specific faculty, prior to applying to a PhD program. A dedicated research assistantship will allow you to build closer relationships with individual faculty and contribute to a specific research agenda or project in your chosen area of interest within business research.

Project Assignment

Differing from the rotational model of the standard track, fellows in the dedicated track work with designated faculty. The faculty may assign the fellow to one or more projects under their guidance over the course of the program.

The fellowship is two years in length, where fellows are expected to work 40 hours per week on the project(s). Projects are more focused, allowing you to dive deeper into an area. You will initially be assigned to this project for the first year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year.

Faculty Mentorship

Working so closely with faculty garners meaningful mentorship relationships. Faculty provide advising for fellows, not just on research projects, but also on choosing courses to complement fellows’ interests, about PhD programs, and beyond. They will come to know you and your work well.

Key Benefits

The dedicated track will help prepare you to be a successful PhD applicant and student by exposing you to the rigors and complexities of the research process. Dedicated Fellows see the project through the various phases of the research agenda. While working directly alongside faculty and gaining this unique academic research experience, you also become part of our world-class research community.