Interpersonal Dynamics Facilitation Training Program

The Interpersonal Dynamics Facilitator Training Program prepares individuals to become skilled facilitators for the MBA elective course, Interpersonal Dynamics.

Most facilitators find great satisfaction in having an ongoing working relationship with the school, value their relationships within our facilitator community, and see additional benefits from continued facilitation in their personal and professional lives.

Most of the learning in Interpersonal Dynamics occurs in “T-group” sessions — small, intimate groups of 12 students. Each T-group is joined by two facilitators. After completing the training program, trainees are expected to facilitate sections of Interpersonal Dynamics on a regular basis — a minimum of one quarter every two or three years. More frequent facilitation is encouraged.

IDFTP is offered every other year. Applications for our next program will be announced in Spring 2023 and will be due in August, with interviews to follow. Formal training begins in Winter 2024.



We offer a limited number of scholarships, up to 50%. Details will be available on the application form.