Research Community for Research Fellows

As part of the Research Fellows Program, you will be welcomed into and immersed within the inclusive, supportive, and exceptional research community at Stanford.

Susan Athey
The Economics of Technology Professor

“A unique part of our program is that we emphasize mentorship. These are really impactful relationships, and I think by making that an integral part of the organization and the purpose of the program, we really prioritize the students more than most programs I have seen.”

Kaleb Javier
Research Fellow ’21
Track: Standard

“This program is more than just teaching you about research and skill development. The longest-lasting impact on my life and career from this program will be the mentorship relationships I built while at the GSB. This program gives you a unique opportunity to build personal relationships with faculty that not many programs provide today.”

Zanele Munyikwa
PhD Student
MIT Sloan School of Business

“I think about research when I’m listening to a podcast or when I’m reading a book and I have all of these questions. This program gives me a framework and an environment to know how to answer questions in a rigorous and meaningful way.”

Faculty Mentoring & Advising

A unique part of our program is that we emphasize mentorship — these impactful relationships with faculty are an integral part of the purpose and structure of our program. The faculty who participate are invested in both the professional success and personal growth of the fellows they work with.

This is more than a research assistantship program — it’s a mentorship program. If my career is progressing more than my fellows’, then I’m doing something wrong.
Neil Malhotra, The Edith M. Cornell Professor of Political Economy

As a fellow, you will have a unique opportunity to work with faculty on a day-to-day basis practicing research. From behind the scenes, you will see the way ideas are formed; the bigger picture behind the questions being asked; and the combination of science, practice, and craft that lead to breakthroughs. Our faculty will guide you through these phases of a research agenda as you hone your critical thinking and technical skills.

Through your everyday work, weekly one-on-ones, and quarterly feedback, your faculty will work with the program office to provide guidance and support on both your skills development and personal goal achievement. In addition, you’ll be able to engage other faculty mentors through weekly seminars, seeking their guidance and input on your research.

Current Fellows & PhD Students

You will learn alongside other fellows and Stanford GSB PhD students as you share a workspace, take classes together, and attend boot camps taught by doctoral students. This offers you the opportunity to develop peer and social relationships with students who are at the same point, or just a little further along, in the career that you are embarking upon.

Research Fellow ’18
Track: Standard

“What strikes me the most about the research environment here at Stanford is how collaborative it is. The research fellows sit alongside the PhD students, and we see how they, on a daily basis, are working with one another to answer questions.”

Research Fellow ’16
Track: Standard

“This program is unique in that the faculty, PhD students, other fellows, and staff are genuinely interested in your success. Through this program, I worked alongside faculty with whom I am still in contact with and met intelligent and curious research fellows and PhD students who created a challenging, intellectually stimulating, and entertaining environment that greatly enhanced my time at Stanford GSB.”

Wider School & University

Beyond this program, you will interact with other faculty, students, and staff through your projects and classes as a member of the greater Stanford University community. There is no set curriculum — you will be encouraged to take doctoral-level courses at Stanford GSB in our different fields of study or across the university. You will also have the resources available to non-matriculated students, such as access to the Stanford Business Library. Finally, through your projects, you may have the opportunity to work with some of our highly specialized labs.