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Stanford GSB Research Fellows Program

The Stanford GSB Research Fellows Program is a two-year, fully-funded predoctoral program that provides a diverse set of fellows with the opportunity to gain research experience and preparation for doctoral studies in business or related fields.

We believe that the keys to strengthening and diversifying the pool of PhD students — and eventually, the faculty pipeline — are the close mentoring relationships and practical research experience that this fellowship provides.

Explore Academic Research Hands-On

Our faculty conduct research on a wide variety of cutting-edge topics. You will get hands-on research experience working with faculty on their research projects.

This fellowship program offers two tracks that allow you to either gain exposure and experience across multiple projects and fields, or work more closely with specific faculty members, over the course of two years.

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Rotate between projects with different faculty each quarter based on project availability and your interest.

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Provide dedicated research support to specific faculty members for the duration of the program.

Decide If a PhD Program Is Right for You

We have designed this program for individuals who are preparing for or considering applying to a PhD program to help inform their decisions about doctoral studies. Fellows are fully immersed in the research environment and receive exposure to our fields of study:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations, Information & Technology
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Political Economics

Because of our strong belief in the value of diversity in the pursuit of our educational and research missions, we particularly encourage applications from those whose backgrounds and life experiences would bring additional dimensions to their field.

Fiona Sequeira
Stanford Graduate School of Business PhD Program, Accounting

“As an RF, I’ve forged close relationships with world-renowned faculty through hands-on mentorship and collaboration, contributed value to cutting-edge research projects, honed my data skills, taken useful classes and attended seminars in my field of interest, and learned to think critically and creatively as a rigorous researcher along the way. In addition to exposure to inspiring faculty, I’ve learned from the fantastic Stanford PhD students and my fellow RFs in a supportive and exciting research community. Overall, the program was instrumental to my success in gaining admission to top graduate schools, and I am heading into my PhD program well-equipped to thrive as I pursue my own original research.”

Naasey Kanko Arthur
Yale University, Economics PhD Program

“Being a [Research Fellow] at the GSB has been a rewarding experience. I have appreciated working on research at different stages and learning the various ways professors approach their research. One of the most valuable aspects of the experience has been building long-term relationships with faculty. I feel more confident that I want to pursue a research career and feel better equipped to do so.”

Sarah McDonald
Harvard University, Statistics PhD Program

“The GSB Research Fellows program has been instrumental in my PhD admission success. In the program, I was surrounded by academically-driven peers who were sources of support and motivation. Furthermore, I was fortunate to be mentored by many world-class faculty, equipping me with the necessary skills to excel in a PhD program.”

Find Mentorship & Community

Our program has a tradition of collaboration where faculty, PhD students, and research fellows work alongside each other and are invested in each others’ success. Co-located in cubicle spaces alongside PhD students, you will be guided by renowned faculty mentors who will support your professional growth and be immersed in the supportive community of PhD students.

As members of Pathways to Research and Predoctoral Careers, we are committed to fostering a respectful and inclusive research environment where scholars from diverse backgrounds and life experiences can thrive.

Prepare for Your Future

We provide a unique opportunity to gain training and education that are valuable for admission to a doctoral program and foundational to a long-term career in academic research. As non-degree students, fellows have access to the wide array of resources and facilities at Stanford University.

You will develop close relationships with faculty, who will guide you as you participate actively in the research process, develop skills, and select courses to round out your transcript. You may also request recommendation letters from the faculty with whom you work.