Professional Experience

This section of the application presents the opportunity to describe your employment history.

How have you made the most of your professional opportunities demonstrated by your career trajectory? Are you cultivating your leadership and team management skills? What impact are you making? What are your career aspirations? We look at your responses along with your letters of recommendation to understand how you have contributed to your work environment(s).

We value diversity of experience in our student body, so no specific industry, function, or professional background is preferred over another. We are more interested in the impact you have had in your workplace than in the name or stature of the organization.

Work Experience

You must have at least eight years of post-graduate professional work experience. Historically, the median work experience for students is 13+ years with a range from 8 years to 30+ years. Most successful MSx students also possess a minimum of five years of experience in managerial roles and strategic oversight, though this is not a requirement.  

The information you submit in this section should provide clarity regarding your professional choices and the next phase of your career.

For each employer you have worked for, provide the following:

  • Organization name and description
  • Industry, job title, and salary
  • A significant accomplishment, managerial responsibilities, and reason for leaving

Go beyond listing your professional roles and responsibilities; reflect on how you have positively influenced individuals and companies — and how that experience relates to your future goals.

Business Resume

Submit a professional resume or CV that is legible, succinct, and not longer than two pages. Focus on metrics, impact in your organization and on others, and leadership experience. Do not include photos in your resume or other application materials. Photos embedded in English language testing agency reports are permitted.