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Policy and Innovation Reading Materials

Below is a collection of peer-reviewed journal articles, case studies, and other publications related to policy and innovation.

Featured Research

Journal Article
Steven Callander, Gregory Martin

It is often said that the only constant is change itself. As time passes, the population grows, new technologies are invented, and the skills, demographics, and norms of the populace evolve. These changes, whether in isolation or in aggregate, influence the effectiveness of policy.

Insights by Stanford Business
Insights by Stanford Business


Enhancing the Investor Appeal of Renewable Energy

Felix Mormann. Environmental Law, August 2012, Vol. 42, Page 681.

The History of Patenting Genetic Material

Henry T. Greely, Jacob S. Sherkow. Annual Review of Genetics, December 2015, Vol. 49, Pages 161–182.

Clean Energy Federalism

Felix Mormann, 67 Florida Law Review, Rev. 1621 (2015).

How to Regulate Legal Services to Promote Access, Innovation, and The Quality of Lawyering

Deborah L. Rhode, Gillian K. Hadfield. 67 Hastings Law Journal, June 2016, Rev. 1191.

Nanotechnology and Innovation Policy

Lisa Larrimore Ouellette. 29 Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, September 2015, Rev. 33.

Government Documents

NHTSA Federal Automated Vehicles Policy
September 2016

FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)
October 2016

FAA NextGen
October 2016

FDA Innovation
October 2016

Nanotechnology and Innovation Policy
March 2016