Business School Fund

Annual gifts and reunion gifts to the Business School Fund provide resources that we can put to use immediately toward core priorities and invest in promising new ideas and innovations.

Current Priorities


Financial Aid

Over half of MBA students receive need-based financial aid. Each year, the school has a gap between student need and the endowment income from dedicated fellowship funds. Increased student need for fellowship support is expected for FY21 due to the pandemic.


Academic Innovation

Resources are needed to drive academic innovation that enables state-of-the-art teaching and learning methods and curricular development. When distance learning is necessary, it is crucial to invest in engaging, inclusive, and individualized learning experiences.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that sustainable change is possible and acknowledge that culture change is not easy. Help develop a model of change to create principled, effective, and inclusive leaders.


Mental Health

Graduate students increasingly report that stress, anxiety, and/or depression are affecting their academic performance. Additional aid will promote student mental health and wellbeing through compassionate relief funding, mental health care, and wellness programs.


Faculty Research

The ability to address timely issues that have real-world application through experimental resources, data acquisition, and research teams enables the school to continue to lead on issues that affect business and society. Resources are needed to foster collaboration throughout the university and beyond.

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