MBA Student Diversity

Explore the many ways diversity and inclusion come alive at Stanford GSB.

Each Stanford MBA class is diverse in the broadest possible terms, including professional background, personal experience, goals, culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and nationality. Individuals may identify across multiple communities, and these perspectives come together to enrich our educational environment and our everyday experience.

Stanford is committed to creating inclusive spaces for its members to learn with each other and celebrate the power of diversity. We believe that as you learn more about those around you, engage and celebrate both the similarities and differences, and recognize this is a journey taken together, that is when innovation, impact, and change occur. We believe that it is in these instances, in the MBA classroom and in the business world, where growth happens.


Stanford University Graduate Education Diversity Initiatives

A wide range of opinions, perspectives, and experiences is essential to educational excellence. Discover ways to participate in, contribute to, and celebrate Stanford’s diversity.

Stanford GSB MBA Admissions Partnerships and Alliances

Stanford GSB partner and alliance organizations, through programming and resources, are committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion in business.

Stanford University Groups & Resources

As part of Stanford GSB, you will be a member of an even larger Stanford University network committed to supporting many forms of diversity. Here are just a few of many opportunities to become involved.

Rachael Wallach: Disrupting Disability

Rachael Wallach: Disrupting Disability

How open-source design, digital fabrication, and distributed manufacturing are disrupting our perceptions of wheelchairs and their wearers.
FLI at Stanford: The Voices of First-Gen and Low-Income Students

FLI at Stanford: The Voices of First-Gen and Low-Income Students

Stanford students who were the first in their families to go to college or who came from low-income backgrounds are building a common identity at Stanford GSB.
Tyler Brandon: Showing Up for Racial Equity

Tyler Brandon: Showing Up for Racial Equity

Racial justice is at the core of every major challenge of our time, from climate change to income inequality. To combat these challenges, we need to more proactively show up for racial equity.