Gain actionable insights, practical tools, and leadership skills to help you and your team take action and achieve results.

Get ready for an innovative and interactive learning journey to help you reach your most ambitious growth goals. The carefully designed curriculum is comprehensive and actionable, practical and strategic. It’s developed and presented by the African Management Institute, with ongoing consultation from Stanford Seed facilitators. You’ll gain valuable management skills through a combination of experiential courses, including a live guest lecture from Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty. Learn from case studies, access practical toolkits, participate in learning labs, and share in peer-group support sessions.

Aspire Learning Journey

This six-month, online, cohort-based program is divided into six phases (four weeks each).

Phase 1: Get Set Up for Growth

Assess where you are now, where you want to go, and what strategic activities will help get you there. Develop a short-term action plan with key strategic priorities and learn how to measure progress.

Phase 2: Lead for Growth

Determine what it takes to lead your business to prosperity, including how to define a vision for the business, align your team toward this direction, and drive progress toward your strategic priorities.

Phase 3: Identify Growth Opportunities

Focus on understanding customers’ needs and finding product/market fit. Identify opportunities to either diversify your products, pivot your offering, or approach new markets/channels/delivery models to serve your customers. 

Phase 4: Financial Analysis

Look at your financial trends and what it tells you about your business. Understand core drivers of profit and strategies to improve profit and cash flow to support sustainability and growth in the long term. 

Phase 5: Build Talent Pipeline

Do you have the right team to grow? Are you empowering your team to deliver? Does that team have the right processes to support maximum productivity and growth? Learn how to build great teams to support continuous improvement and growth.

Phase 6: Plan for Growth

Engage in strategic business planning. Understand how your core vision defines the strategy going forward, assess core strategic opportunities, and focus on execution to build a culture of continuous performance, review, and improvement.