Deadlines for Applying to the MBA Program

The 2022-2023 application cycle is now closed. The new application for 2023-2024 will open this summer.

2023–24 Deadlines
Application Round Submit your application by … We will notify you on …
Round 1 12 Sep 2023 07 Dec 2023
Round 2 04 Jan 2024 28 Mar 2024
Round 3 09 Apr 2024 23 May 2024

Your completed application, including your letters of recommendation and application fee payment, is due at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time on the deadline date for the round in which you apply.

We cannot guarantee that we will review information sent to the MBA admissions office after the deadline of the round in which you apply.

Selecting an Application Round

You may apply once per application year in any one of the three application rounds.

Do not rush your application, but there are some advantages to applying in either Round 1 or Round 2, including:

If you and your partner are both applying in the same year, we strongly encourage you to apply in the same round so that you will know if your partner has been admitted by the time you have to accept or decline your offer of admission.

If you are interested in deferred enrollment, you may apply in any round. Many defer-eligible applicants prefer Round 3.

How to Decide When It’s the Right Time to Apply
How to Decide When It’s the Right Time to Apply
Kirsten Moss, former assistant dean of MBA admissions and financial aid, on deciding when is the right time to apply and what the team is looking for in MBA applicants.

Decision Notification

We will post your decision to your account on the notification date above for the round in which you applied. We will also send an email to the address used to create your application profile to notify you when your decision is available.

We do not accommodate requests for an early decision or for decision information to be provided via phone or in person.

Deferral Policy

If you are offered admission, you will be expected to enroll in the MBA or dual/joint-degree program in the year for which you are admitted — unless you meet the criteria for deferred enrollment. If you do not meet these criteria, we do not allow you to defer admission to a later year. Instead, we ask you to reapply. Only under rare and extraordinary circumstances (e.g., compulsory military service) will we consider exceptions to this policy.