An MSx student talking with my favorite professor, Baba Shiv

How You Will Learn

How you will learn is just as important as what you learn. Your experience in the MSx Program will help you internalize what you learn and apply it for years to come.

Our faculty employ a variety of learning methodologies that extend beyond case studies and one-way lectures making each lesson more memorable.

Industry practitioners and guest speakers enhance the academically rigorous curriculum with rich lessons and real-world insights that you can leverage going forward. Hands-on practice in a safe environment allows you to take risks, experiment freely, and yield confidence.

When you pair this dedicated classroom experience with your interactions with your classmates and participation in extracurricular activities, you create an invaluable set of skills you will use throughout your career.

Learning in Action

Learning in Action

Ian K. McMilan, MS ’19, describes how his writing class helped him prepare for the world beyond the MSx Program.

Learn by Doing

Our courses incorporate opportunities for you to apply what you learn to real-world situations, moving you beyond discovery and development to experimentation and practice. This experiential learning will help you codify the principles and frameworks you learn into knowledge and skills that simply cannot be replicated via job training, online courses, or screens.

Mentorship and Guidance

You will have access to some of the most respected minds in the world. Our faculty are researchers and practitioners with a passion for developing the next generation of global leaders. You will learn invaluable insights about critical management issues from renowned entrepreneurs and corporate visionaries who visit campus regularly as guest speakers. Executive coaches, communication specialists, and alumni mentors will challenge you to learn and grow. And through study trips within the U.S. and abroad, you will learn from and interact with individuals who are currently shaping organizations, industries, and nations.

Alumni Spotlight
MS 2018

“You interact directly with academic PhDs, tenured professors, lecturers with more than 20 years of top-tier vocational experience — people who have successfully built companies — and classmates with ten, sometimes more than 20, years of work experience. These people have so much to teach, and you learn how to apply their knowledge directly to your own pursuits.”

Learning Together

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the MSx Program is that you will learn in collaboration with an experienced cohort, not through competition with each other.

Study groups, team projects, and extracurricular activities afford opportunities for you to support one another. Courses like Interpersonal Dynamics and career-support activities like peer coaching provide opportunities for you to challenge one another. And through it all, you will develop strong relationships with your classmates that will last a lifetime.