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Career Support for MSx Students

As your career evolves and you explore how to advance your career or how to get promoted, navigating the marketplace to land the right opportunities can be intimidating. The good news: You will be deeply supported in finding your next move.

From day one, the Career Management Center is prepared to support your journey. Career advisers, leadership coaches, and academic advisors are ready to help challenge yourself and align your coursework to your career goals. And throughout your year in the MSx (Master of Science in Management) Program, you will have access to tools, workshops, opportunities, and resources to help you build clarity, confidence, and connections.

Clarity in How to Advance Your Career

Finding your next opportunity requires clarity in understanding yourself, the marketplace, and the job search process. Our career support resources will help you adapt your prior work experience to where you want to go.

The most challenging step can be identifying what experience you bring to launch your post-Stanford GSB pivot and long-term strategic change, followed by an honest evaluation of what it takes to get there. Unlike a younger professional, you have a deeper well of experience and expertise. So what’s next?

You may arrive on campus with crystal-clear clarity about working in a new industry or company. If so, you can begin your year by analyzing the steps it will take to get there and focus on your path throughout the year.

If you are unsure about where you want to go, this is your opportunity to explore. You can spend your year evaluating options and ideas, and testing hypotheses so that when you graduate, you have the confidence to position yourself for greater impact.

Confidence in How to Get Promoted

You will have partners in the Career Management Center, your cohort, and the larger Stanford GSB community to help you develop your confidence. You will be able to competently search for your next role.

No matter the stage of the career journey, you will need to know how to:

  • Interview and negotiate
  • Communicate your story
  • Articulate what you can offer
  • Network and build connections

Our students and graduates often cite that the MSx Program has given them an abundance of confidence: for who they are, what they have done, and what they bring to the table. Find your confidence here.

Alumni Spotlight
MS 2019

“My executive coach gave me confidence in how I operate and helped me feel comfortable with who I am. He was never judgmental; he supported and empowered me. It was incredible for my self-esteem. He saw things in me that I couldn't see in myself at the time. It was evident that my happiness and success were my executive coach's highest priorities. He wanted me to take advantage of all of the resources that Stanford provided me.”

Connections That Last a Lifetime

Once you have gained clarity and confidence, we will help you learn how to craft a strategic network of like-minded people and reciprocal support to find your strategic career role. We can help you discover the people, organizations, and opportunities to get you where you want to go. Additionally, you will leverage your existing network to help others, and you will rely on your classmates and their connections to help you.

Recognized at the Highest Levels

With this elite degree on your resume—and the support of a global community behind you—you will experience exciting new opportunities in how to advance your career.