2022–23 Business School Fund Report

The world needs leaders who can not only provide analytic and strategic approaches to the collective challenges we face, but also embody courage, empathy, and innovation. To this end, the Business School Fund continues to invest in priorities that enhance the Stanford Graduate School of Business community.

Annual and reunion contributions received in the fiscal year that ended August 31, 2023, made the following achievements possible for the school.

2022–23 Highlights

Business School Fund Stats 2022-23

How Your Gift Promoted Business School Fund Priorities

Financial Aid

Jason Khoo, MBA  2023

Over half of MBA students receive need-based financial aid. Last year, the Business School Fund Fellowship supported MBA, MSx, and PhD students.

Entrepreneur and dual degree graduate student Jason Khoo, MD ’22, MBA ’23, decided to pursue an MBA to tackle affordability and access issues in medicine. “Your support has enabled me to work on projects that may not have immediate financial returns and think more broadly about the impact I would like to make within the healthcare systems.”

Academic Innovation


Your support finances state-of-the-art teaching and learning methods and curricular development.

  • Action Learning Program: Analysis and Measurement of Impact is an immersive, team-based course that provides students the opportunity to work with organizations that are focused on achieving impact, including impact for-profits, investment funds, and evaluators.
  • Leadership for Society: People & Planet in the Information Era with Brian Lowery explored the opportunities and challenges posed by technology through conversations with a variety of leaders. Topics included:
    • Big Tech Is Watching: The Surveillance Economy
    • Free Speech: Where’s the Line, Who’s to Say?
    • The Existential Crisis: Addressing Climate Change

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Your partnership furthers efforts to increase representation and build inclusion at the GSB and beyond.

  • Diversifying Case Studies: Of the GSB case studies published last year, 59% featured business leaders and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and 51% featured female protagonists, marking an ongoing effort to expand representation.
  • DEI Career Resources: The Career Management Center regularly updates the “Identity-Based Networking Resources” and added a section on diversity in entrepreneurship to the “DEI Guide for Your Career Journey” for students.

Mental Health


Your gift for mental health and wellness programs promotes student satisfaction and improves academic performance.

  • Wellness Programs: In response to student focus groups, the GSB partnered with university resources to offer subsidized one-on-one sessions and small group programs, including sessions on managing stress and living a more purposeful life.
  • Compassionate Relief: Up to $5,000 per student is available to assist with out-of-pocket expenses and unexpected needs such as emergency medical, vision, and dental care, car repairs, and flights home for family concerns. This year, 85 students received compassionate relief funding.


Sustainability Icon

Your investment ensures curricular development, research, and resources to meet the growing student appetite in this critical area.

  • Business and Environmental Sustainability Conference Series: The series featured 16 conferences between October and May. It involved hundreds of researchers from dozens of universities around the world, helping elevate cutting-edge research, enhancing dialogue, and putting knowledge into practice.
  • Student Clubs: GSB Energy Club and GSB Business and Environment Club students plan to make an impact in the sustainability field with their future careers.