Curriculum in the MBA Program

Ready to change your trajectory and the world around you? The Stanford MBA Program will help you develop and hone your skills to make a positive difference in the world.

In two years, you’ll immerse yourself in a curriculum that is theoretical and practical. Foundational and cutting edge. Rigorous and demanding. We challenge you both inside and outside the classroom, so you’re ready to lead wherever you go.

Let the Learning Begin

What you learn, how you learn, and who you learn from makes all the difference. We build your knowledge throughout your education with real-life scenarios.

Our comprehensive, experiential curriculum is designed to shape the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, industry disruptors, and change makers.

Transform in Two Years

Our MBA program is the launching pad to a more impactful and meaningful career. Gain a strong foundation in your first year, and then forge your own path.

First Year

Your first year in the Stanford MBA Program is invaluable. This is where you establish your foundation, begin to develop your managerial skills and style, and broaden your global perspective.

Coursework mainly consists of core and distribution requirements. You’ll gain insights from world-class researchers and senior leaders and a deeper understanding of effective business management.

Students must complete a global experience requirement. This is an opportunity to engage in global issues and expand your mindset.

Second Year

Year two is about pursuing your path. Coursework entirely consists of electives. You’ll strengthen your areas of expertise, explore new subjects, and round out your general management education.

You can tailor your experience through an abundance of electives, seminars, a joint or dual degree, and courses at other Stanford schools.

Explore Action Learning Program courses — where you’ll work through real-world challenges across industries and acquire hands-on knowledge.

World-Class Centers

Take advantage of the resources, courses, and activities offered in our world-class Center for Social Innovation and Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.

Support to Stay On Track

At Stanford, you’re supported. Our specialized network of advisers, fellows, and coaches will understand the decisions you face and how to navigate them. We’ll help you craft your study plan and career goals while you hone your professional and interpersonal skills.

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