On your application, we require you to provide the following information about your education history:

  • All undergraduate and graduate institutions you are attending or have attended after high school (postsecondary school)
  • Academic degree(s) pursued and/or received
  • Grade point average (also known as GPA)
  • Transcript of courses
  • Language proficiency

Academic Degrees

We do not prefer a particular curriculum of undergraduate study. Instead, we look at how you have challenged yourself throughout your academic career and how you have performed.

A U.S. bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required for admission to the Stanford MBA Program. Only under rare circumstances will we consider exceptions to this policy.

International Degree Equivalents

How Stanford Evaluates Academic Engagement
How Stanford Evaluates Academic Engagement
Kirsten Moss, assistant dean of MBA admissions, discusses how the GSB evaluates academic engagement and what the team is looking for in applicants.
How Stanford Evaluates U.S. and International GPAs
How Stanford Evaluates U.S. and International GPAs
Kirsten Moss, assistant dean and director of MBA admissions and financial aid, talks about how Stanford GSB evaluates U.S. and international GPAs.

Grade Point Average

We review your academic performance in the context of your concentration, university, and educational system.

By focusing on your achievements in context, we evaluate how you have excelled within your individual academic environment and how you have taken advantage of the opportunities available to you in your school and community. We are interested in your whole course of study, not just your final GPA.

Report your undergraduate grade point average and the scale used by your institution. Only courses for credit toward your first bachelor’s degree count in your GPA. Please factor in the number of credits and grade for each class; do not simply average quarters or semesters for your annual GPA. Report/calculate your GPA to the best of your ability even if your institution does not list it on your transcript. Do not convert your college/university’s scale. If necessary, you may explain how you calculated your GPA in the “Additional Information” section.

No minimum GPA is required for admission to the Stanford MBA Program.

Reporting Your Grades


We require you to upload a copy of your transcript(s) in the online application. We will ask you to provide your official transcript(s) only after you have been admitted. Any discrepancy between your unofficial and official transcripts could result in the withdrawal of your offer of admission.

Transcript Requirements

Submit an electronic transcript from each university you attended for at least one full academic year (two semesters or three quarters/trimesters), regardless of the number of credits received. Do not include transcripts from secondary school (high school).

If you completed classes at any other institution that counted towards your undergraduate degree, you only need to submit a transcript if the course name, grade, and units are not already included on your undergraduate transcript.

If you completed any classes that did not count towards a degree and the length of attendance was less than one full academic year, you do not need to submit a transcript.

You are welcome, but not required, to submit transcripts for study abroad programs that were less than a year.

Your transcript should include degree conferred and conferral date, if applicable.

Submitting Your Unofficial Transcript

Language Proficiency

Since all Stanford GSB courses are taught in English and class participation is essential, you must demonstrate proficiency in English. Learn more about our English language requirement. Speaking a language other than English is not required for admission to the MBA program. If you do speak other languages, however, you can indicate your proficiency in up to eight languages (excluding English) in your application.

Quantitative Proficiency

In assessing your readiness for the MBA program, the admissions office will review your university transcripts, any additional coursework you’ve taken, your GMAT or GRE scores, and your professional experience. If you have not already taken calculus or statistics, it will strengthen your candidacy to do so before you apply. You can take whatever course is most convenient for you.