Graduate Tests

The Stanford MSx Program is an academically rigorous program that will immerse you in challenging coursework, engaging discussion with faculty and classmates, and engrossing team projects.

We need to ensure that you are mentally and intellectually ready for this challenge. We do so by requiring graduate admission and English proficiency test scores.

GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment

We require either GMAT, GRE, or EA test scores, as they give us a sense of whether you possess the intellectual aptitude required for this program. We do not offer any test waivers. When applying, applicants must have a valid GMAT, GRE, or EA score. 

Class of 2023 - Median, Average, and Middle 80% Test Results

Test Low End Median Average High End
GMAT 680 720 720 770
GRE Verbal 156 160 161 170
GRE Quant 154 163 161 169
Executive Assessment 153 157 158 165

English Proficiency Tests

All courses for the Stanford MSx Program are taught in English; therefore, you must demonstrate English proficiency. You must take an English proficiency test if:

  • English was not the primary language of instruction at your undergraduate or graduate institution.
  • Your college or university taught some classes in a language other than English, even if your specific program was taught in English.

Multiple Test Scores

We do not average test scores. If you have taken the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE more than once, report only the scores from one examination that you wish us to consider while reviewing your application. The scores you report must be from the same testing session.

Score Validity

TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE scores are valid for two years and must be taken before submitting your application. The scores must be valid on the deadline date of the round in which you apply.