Your admission interview is both evaluative and informative. It is an opportunity for us to learn more about you, and for you to learn more about Stanford GSB. Our goal is for the interview to be a positive exchange of ideas and information.

We evaluate your candidacy for admission based on all information collected from the application process, including your interview. Your interview is reviewed in context with your overall application.

Who We Interview

All interviews are by invitation only. Candidates invited to interview are considered competitive for admission, and every candidate who ultimately is offered admission to the class will be interviewed. Do not contact the Stanford MSx Program Office to request an interview.

What We Seek to Learn

We ask you to reflect on your personal and professional experiences, what you have learned about yourself, and how best to lead people and manage situations. Take advantage of this opportunity to think about the people, situations, and events that have shaped you. We do not provide interview feedback.

Interview Process

  1. The Stanford MSx Program Office will contact you via email or phone to invite you to interview.
  2. You and your interviewer will work together to schedule the interview.
  3. You and your interviewer conduct the interview as scheduled.

Interview Schedule

Application Round Interviews
Round 1 Late Oct to late Nov 2019
Round 2 Mid-Feb to late Mar 2020
Round 3 Mid to late April 2020