The interview is designed to be mutually beneficial; we want to get to know you and take the time to answer your questions about the MSx (Masters in Management) program.

We use our conversation to assess your communication skills, ability to think strategically and critically, and level of self-awareness—all within the larger context of your application.

Interviews are by invitation only.

About the Interview

After we have reviewed your written application, we may invite you to interview. Our interviews are designed to help us learn more about you and for you to learn more about Stanford GSB. All our interviews are done virtually with an MSx admissions officer. During your interview, we will ask you questions that enable us to evaluate your candidacy. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions in order to assess whether the Stanford MSx Program is right for you. Interviews last approximately 45 minutes.

The interview complements your written application with essential insights for our evaluation process. We require all candidates to interview before receiving an offer of admission. While being invited to interview is a positive sign, it does not guarantee your admission. Interviews are by invitation only.

We do not provide feedback during, or after, the interview.

What We Seek to Learn

We conduct a competency-based behavioral interview to gain a deeper understanding of what you have done and how you have done it. We focus on your past actions, rather than on hypothetical situations, and invite you to discuss meaningful professional or community-based experiences you’ve had in the past few years.  Your interviewer will have read your application in advance of the interview.


How to Prepare

Take time to reflect on your career and think about specific circumstances that are the strongest examples of your analytical thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, teamwork orientation, and leadership capacity. In particular, reflect on:

  • The most challenging situations you have faced and how you handled them
  • How your actions positively inspired others or your organization
  • Where you have continued growth and skill refinement to magnify your impact
  • How your background, education, and work experience will help you achieve your career goals

A Powerful Network of True Peers

Join an accomplished cohort with the wisdom and experience to make real change and meaningful contributions in business and industry. Give and gain support through a community of like-minded professionals.