MSx student presenting to a class

A Focus on Leadership Development

Our accelerated academics will challenge your mastery of business fundamentals and focus on your leadership abilities. You will develop key skills that are imperative to making significant impact in the world, including:

  • Critical analysis: the ability to make informed and effective decisions
  • Self-awareness: knowledge of your personal strengths and weaknesses and how you affect others
  • Interpersonal acumen: understanding of others’ needs and motivations
  • Situational awareness: sensitivity to context that influences thinking and behavior
  • Holistic communication: setting vision and intention through presence and clarity of message

In addition to rigorous coursework, you will expand your leadership aptitude holistically through a variety of structured activities.

Executive Modules In your first quarter, you will work with a diverse group of your peers to learn and apply leadership skills critical for effective team formation and functioning.
LEAP 360 Feedback Assessment Feedback from former managers, direct reports, and colleagues is used to create a personal handbook of your strengths and blind spots, giving you clear direction for development.
Leadership Coaching Using your LEAP assessment as a starting point, take advantage of sessions with executive coaches to plan how you will maximize your program year to achieve your leadership development and career goals.
Communications Coaching Elevate your communications skills through practical workshops and continue your development through one-on-one work with a professional communication coach. You can also choose to craft a five-minute presentation and deliver it to your class through Storytelling BBLs, a brown-bag lunch series.

Make the Most of Your Experience

You will get the most out of your experience if you bring:

  • An awareness of your growth opportunities
  • A desire to understand your strengths and address blind spots
  • A list of topics or subjects to learn
  • Forethought into how this knowledge will complement your prior career experience