Sara, a Sloan Fellow, giving her LOWKeynotes speech

Leadership Development

At the Stanford MSx, we believe studying leadership is not enough. Practicing leadership and getting actionable feedback is key. That is why we empower you to discover, develop, and experiment with your leadership strengths and style through courses, coaching, and co-curriculars.

Concentrated in the summer term and continuing throughout the year, the leadership development activities complement your academic coursework and include experiential opportunities to develop skills, practice new behaviors, and get direct feedback and coaching from your peers and experienced coaches. The fact that Sloan Fellows have diverse backgrounds [have a diversity and breadth of backgrounds] provides a unique opportunity to both reflect on what has made you successful in the past, and to explore a new range of perspectives, behaviors, and skills that may be critical to your success as a leader going forward.

Stanford LEAP 360°

It all starts with a 360° leadership assessment before your arrival and a review during orientation. The process will provide a launchpad for you to think deeply about your own beliefs, values, and skills as a leader. Executive coaches will then help guide your academic, career, and personal life choices throughout the year.

Personal Development Brief

To accelerate your leadership development, every Sloan Fellow will create a Personal Development Brief over the summer (and reassess midyear). This brief summarizes your priorities in three areas: academic, career management, and leadership development. The ultimate goal: to identify high-priority areas where focused effort can make you a more effective and agile leader.

One-on-One Executive Coaching

All Sloan Fellows will have the chance to work with professional leadership coaches during the summer and in the Executive Modules. In addition, we will provide one-on-one leadership coaching for those who opt in and complete a series of required steps related to LEAP 360° and the Personal Development Brief.

Leadership-Focused Electives

Interpersonal Dynamics, known to many as “Touchy Feely,” is just one of the many leadership-focused electives you can pursue while at Stanford. Paths to Power, Generative Leadership, Managing Difficult Conversations, and Managing People in a Global Context are just a few of the electives you can take.

Co-Curricular Learning

We call it leading by doing. Through study groups, team projects, networking sessions, and class leadership roles, you will hone your interpersonal and leadership skills and have a safe environment to test them out in real time. Site visits, events featuring distinguished guest speakers, and off-campus U.S. and global study trips also give you rare opportunities to learn from and interact with leaders who are currently shaping organizations, industries, countries, and the world.

Continuous Feedback

Sloan Fellows receive and share feedback throughout the year, constantly challenging each other to improve. Additional support and feedback comes from executive coaches, communications specialists, Career Management Center advisers, and alumni mentors selected by the Center for Social Innovation and the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.