Stanford MSx — A One-Year Master’s Program in Management

The program offers you knowledge and leadership skills to accelerate your career growth, invest in a career pivot or explore entrepreneurship. You will be pushed and challenged by best-in-class faculty and supported by your classmates in an environment unlike anywhere else.

Collaboration, not competition, is key in a Stanford classroom. You will work closely with students from all around the world and of all different backgrounds. Against the backdrop of beautiful California days, you’ll find many of these students will become life-long collaborators, mentors, and friends.

This one-year master’s program includes:

  • Customizable Curriculum: Complete the required business fundamentals courses and choose from over 120 electives that align with your interests and objectives.
  • Career Impact: Enhance your skills as a principled, innovative and inspirational leader. Break out of the day-to-day work routine to achieve your highest potential.
  • Community: Live on campus in the heart of Silicon Valley and learn with your classmates — accomplished global professionals with an average of over 13 years of work experience from a range of countries, industries, and companies.
  • Alumni: Join our alumni network, including more than 30,000 Stanford GSB alumni and 230,000 Stanford University alumni across the globe.


There’s no better place to be a student than Stanford GSB. In one year, the Stanford MSx Program delivers a transformational experience and prepares you for the next stage in your career.