Admission to the Stanford MBA Program is very competitive, and we cannot offer seats in the class to as many applicants as we would like. If you are not offered admission, you are welcome to apply again in a future application year.

Having applied in a previous year is not a negative factor in your application. We appreciate your sustained interest in Stanford and your commitment to reapplying. In fact, every year we offer admission to reapplicants who present compelling applications.

If You Reapply

Because the application changes each year, you must complete a new application in the year for which you apply. Some biographical information from your previous application will carry over to your new one, although you will be able to edit all fields in your new application. You will also be required to pay the application fee unless you qualify for a fee reduction or fee waiver.

As long as your test scores (GMAT or GRE for general academic aptitude and TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE for English language proficiency) remain valid for the round in which you wish to apply, you do not need to retake them or have them resent by the test centers. If your test scores are no longer valid, you need to retake the exams.

We will evaluate your new application on its merits in the context of the new applicant pool. It is likely that the person reviewing your application has not seen your previous one. We do have access to previous applications, however, and may choose whether to review and consider them before making a final decision.

Advice on Reapplying

  • We cannot provide feedback on denied applications.
  • Approach your application with a fresh outlook. We will!
  • If you choose the same recommenders (and that’s up to you!), make sure they submit a current letter.