An illustration of figures and representations of data collection. Credit: Josh Cochran

Autumn 2020 Issue

Explore all the stories in the Autumn 2020 issue of Stanford Business magazine — our first digital-only edition.

(Don’t worry: Print is not dead. It’s just sheltering in place for a few months.)

Fixing the Trust Deficit
Dean’s Letter

We seek to educate business leaders who take seriously their social responsibility.

The Research Revolution

Access to superabundant data has transformed the methods of scholastic inquiry — and possibly the basic tenets of inquiry itself.

What Elite Donors Want

Big-money donors, both Democrat and Republican, not only have more political influence than the average voter, they also have more extreme beliefs.

Women’s Circles Go Virtual

Stanford GSB’s fastest-growing alumni program moves online, giving alumnae everywhere the chance to connect, reflect, support, and inspire.


Discover what your classmates have been up to, both personally and professionally.

A data scientist collecting data. Credit: Josh Cochran

Research Revolution illustrations by Josh Cochran.