Policies & Guidelines

All events held at Stanford GSB must comply with the following policies.

University Sponsorship

All events require a university sponsor, which is defined as one of the following:

  • A Stanford academic department, school, or institute
  • Administrative offices within and operating on behalf of the university
  • Non-academic departments recognized by the President’s Office, such as Athletics
  • University student groups registered with and approved by Office of Student Engagement

The event sponsor must act as the point of contact during the planning process and provide a valid Stanford University PTA for payment. Proof of compliance with the university’s sponsorship policy may be required and Stanford GSB reserves the right to cancel reservations for those who do not meet the requirements.

Stanford Event Organizer cannot be:

  • Individual members of the Stanford community: faculty, staff or student body acting as individuals in providing their name to a group simply so that they can plan an event and use campus facilities
  • University individuals who wish to use of space for private events not related to university business
  • Individuals, groups or organizations (commercial or non-profit) who are unaffiliated with the university

Student-Sponsored Events

All Student-sponsored events must have approval from the Office of Student Activities and Leadership; Stanford GSB students should consult with the Stanford GSB Student Life Office.

University Courses

Venues for academic courses are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office. This includes CEMEX Auditorium.


We will charge 100% of the room rental fee for any cancellations made within 15 days of your event. 

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor space requests are reviewed to ensure that there are no potential noise issues that might affect concurrent events or normal business operations. Golf carts and delivery vehicles are not permitted in the courtyards. Work with your Event Planner to arrange deliveries.


Non-GSB event sponsors are required to submit a work order with Stanford Event Services or UG2 Logistics to setup the event space. All in room furniture must stay in the space and cannot be moved by the event sponsor. 

AV Equipment

Most GSB indoor spaces include audio-visual equipment and the use of this equipment is included in the room usage fee. If you plan to use the AV equipment, we strongly encourage working directly with Stanford Event Services for AV support. If they are not available, the GSB team can provide a list of approved vendors. 


Only Stanford GSB approved caterers are allowed. For more information, please visit our catering services page

Advertising and Publications

Stanford GSB approval is required for any signage and signs must follow the below guidelines.

  • Use the formal building names and room titles.
  • Arrange with us in advance for the use of our sign holders and appropriate posting locations.

Building and Room Access

The buildings are generally open to the public from 7:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. For after-hours events, we will unlock and lock the doors to your reserved spaces based on the event start and end times noted in your space confirmation. Additional security measures may be required depending on the size and nature of the event. The event sponsor will be responsible for any fees associated with the additional security.

Janitorial Service, Cleanup, and Damages

The event sponsor is responsible for removing all décor, personal items, and event materials when an event ends. At all venues with the exception of CEMEX, Stanford GSB will provide basic custodial services, which are included in the room usage fee.

The event sponsor will be charged for any additional cleaning required as a result of the event, as well as any repairs or replacements required to fix any damage to the facility or the furnishings caused by the client, attendees, or third-party vendors.