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Academic Experience in the MSx Program

The Stanford MSx curriculum is designed with you, the experienced leader, in mind. Though it is not a Stanford Executive MBA or traditional executive management program, the one-year master’s program offers the in-depth leadership, entrepreneurship, and industry knowledge you need to lead in the way and in the field that fits your career goals.

The academically rigorous curriculum is flexible — with electives comprising more than half of your courses. You choose the courses that will help you achieve your career goals, whatever your path may be. It’s a curriculum that will inspire you and enable you to explore new topics and take risks. Core classes provide a strong foundation in management fundamentals and teach students the language of business.

Electives allow you to customize your degree and explore new subjects. You are not limited to the 120+ Stanford GSB electives; we encourage students to take classes offered at Stanford’s other schools — Education, Engineering, Humanities and Sciences, Law, Medicine, and Sustainability — in order to create a unique course of study to help you achieve your goals. Explore classes and academic options to help you make the most of your MSx experience.

MSx Curriculum Overview

Leadership Development

All MSx students have the option to strengthen their leadership skills by participating in Stanford’s LEAP (Leadership Evaluation and Action Planning) 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Program. With the use of an online dashboard, you can gather constructive feedback, clarify your goals, and outline a meaningful action plan. A weekly journal, coaching tips, and follow-up evaluation are a few of the added benefits. Throughout the entire process, the goal of LEAP remains the same — to help you improve your performance and advance your career.

World Class Centers

Stanford GSB centers provide specialized resources and courses for students interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The Center for Social Innovation educates leaders on social and environmental change. The center provides tools and resources for students interested in corporate social impact, nonprofit, government, or philanthropic careers. 

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies supports entrepreneurial leaders. Stanford GSB offers 50 courses in entrepreneurship and innovation as well as co-curricular learning options for students.

Co-Curricular Activities

In addition to classes, students have plenty of opportunities to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities to enhance their educational and career goals.

Coaching and Communication

Communication coaching is offered to MSx students. Coaches focus on three key areas: business writing, class participation, and impromptu speaking. Students can meet one-on-one with a coach and participate in a series of workshops and hands-on practice groups.

Communication workshops are offered throughout the year on topics that include public speaking, meeting presence, managing anxiety, and impromptu speaking.

LOWkeynotes provides students the opportunity to develop and practice a nine-minute presentation on an idea they are passionate about and that aligns with the school’s mission — to change lives, organizations, and the world. Students deliver their final presentation to an audience of their peers, faculty, and staff.

Hear from MSx Alumni

The Value of the MSx Curriculum

The Value of the MSx Curriculum

Brett Wilson, MS ’19, discusses the MSx Program’s curriculum and the impact for mid-career professionals.
Anson Liang MSx Class of 2024
MSx Class of 2024

"The MSx program at the GSB provided a challenging and innovative curriculum that fostered critical and creative thinking. Surrounded by a diverse and supportive community, I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone, leading to significant personal and professional growth. This experience has equipped me with essential skills and insights, preparing me to confidently navigate the complexities of the business world."

Maria Mejia MSx Class of 2024
MSx Class of 2024

"I applied to the MSx program determined to accelerate my career in the energy industry so I could pursue a passion project in coffee. Little did I know the community would encourage me to explore entrepreneurship as a career path and that I would jump at it all-in. Now, with an unparalleled support system, there is no turning back, and I understand the transformative power of the GSB."