MSx students walking up the stairs in the Bass Center

Admission to the Stanford MSx Program

Inspired to take your career to the next level and achieve your goals with the Stanford MSx Program?

You will find everything you need to know to successfully submit an application (plus a few tips from the Admission Office and former students).

The process takes preparation and forethought. We invite you to:

  • Reflect on your career and life thus far
  • Envision where you would like to go
  • Articulate how the Stanford MSx Program can uniquely help you get there, and what you will bring to the experience and community

Take the time to submit a thoughtful, well-crafted application.

2021–22 Deadlines

Application Round Submit your application by … We will notify you on …
Round 1 (Joint) 09 Sep 2021 09 Dec 2021
Round 1 (MSx Only) 14 Oct 2021 09 Dec 2021
Round 2 (MSx Only and Joint) 05 Jan 2022 31 Mar 2022
Round 3 (MSx Only) 15 Feb 2022 31 Mar 2022

The Process

The MSx program brings together a diverse cohort of highly talented leaders from around the world. We do this through a highly selective admission process.

Our application cycle is divided into various rounds. You can apply in any round of the cycle, and we encourage you to apply when you feel your application is the best it can be. Our program size is flexible, and we are committed to admitting all qualified candidates regardless of the round. You can submit only one application per year.* The process is competitive so it is important to submit your application when your resume, testing, essays, and recommendations are complete and reflect your best efforts.

*The Stanford MBA and Stanford MSx Programs use a common application portal, and applicants to either program may only submit one application per admission cycle. Applicants that would like to apply to both programs may do so in any of the joint application rounds.

Application Requirements

The application is made up of four main components, all of which help us learn about who you are, what you have accomplished, and how you have positively impacted your organization and the people around you.

Application Fee