Clubs & Activities

Stanford GSB’s social scene is as diverse, inclusive, and interesting as its student body.

Hone your leadership skills by participating in MBA student government. Embrace your inner thespian as part of the GSB Show. Looking to play pick-up or perfect your game? Join the Basketball Club. There are over 60 student clubs and organizations for you to join. With club membership, meetings, and events open to all students, these groups sponsor a vibrant array of activities on campus and within the broader Bay Area. We have traditions that have endured for decades as well as new events tailored to, and by, each class.

Health Care Club

The Stanford Healthcare Club, headquartered at the GSB, is the primary life science and healthcare industry-oriented student organization at Stanford. Our mission is to build networks that will help Stanford students explore, pursue, and continue careers in businesses related to healthcare and the life sciences, including biotechnology and genomics, health care, pharmaceuticals, health care information technology (e-health), medical technology, venture capital, public/private equity investing, consulting, and investment banking.


The Veterans Club is the school’s association of military veterans. The club is open to all Stanford GSB students and attempts to relate the unique experiences of military service to current events and business problems that managers are likely to encounter, including strategic, human resources, and operational issues. The club serves as a resource for members to foster professional and personal development while encouraging leadership, both within Stanford GSB and in the greater business community.

Featured Clubs

Asian Business Student Association

The ABSA aims to unite all Stanford GSB students who are from Asia, of Asian descent, and/or interested in Asia from a cultural or business perspective under a common organization. ABSA will promote social integration, confront Asian stereotypes, and bridge the communication gap between Asians and the broader class while helping students explore Asia-related career opportunities.


Basketball Club

The Basketball Club aims to enrich the student community at Stanford GSB by creating a positive basketball community composed of a diverse group of students within Stanford GSB. In pursuit of these goals, the Basketball Club actively seeks to appeal to a broad range of Stanford GSB students. It promotes and coordinates basketball activities within Stanford GSB including intramurals, tournaments, and ongoing basketball activities.


Black Business Student Association

The BBSA serves as a support network for Black MBA, MSx, and PhD students. Membership is open to all Stanford GSB students interested in cultural and professional issues that affect African Americans.


Epicureans @ the GSB

E@T is a club for people who are passionate about cooking and food! E@T members participate in small group theme dinners in which they  help cook, host, and of course… eat. We offer formal and informal cooking classes taught by a variety of students and professional chefs. E@T also visits area restaurants with “behind the scenes” tours.


Europe Club

The Europe Club is a community gathering all students sharing an interest in European culture and business. Our goal is to provide a space for European students to share their culture and non-European students to discover it through the organization of social and cultural events (e.g., European movie nights, small group dinners, wine and cheese nights, parties). We also want to help GSB students explore European career opportunities. 


FinTech Club

The FinTech Club is designed for students interested in learning about or pursuing a career in the financial technology industry. The club seeks to bring together students, faculty, entrepreneurs, company builders, and investors around a shared interest in the business and societal impact of financial technology.


Business & Environment Club

The Business & Environment Club at Stanford GSB aims to cultivate a GSB community that incorporates environmental sustainability in our philosophy, curriculum, and operations. It also empowers students and alumni to lead on environmental challenges in their industries. We foster collaboration, serve as a resource, and highlight ways to incorporate environmental responsibility across the Stanford community.


First-Generation Low-Income Club

The GSB First-Generation Low-Income Club aims to create a community among students who share the invisible first-generation low-income (FLI) identity, helping them find each other and facilitating more meaningful connections through shared experiences. The club also aims to develop allyship programming that has far-reaching impact in business and education access for socioeconomically disadvantaged students and young professionals, bringing together FLI and non-FLI business school students to engage in discussions around class privilege and socioeconomic inequality, in order to create stronger and more effective FLI advocates among the future highly influential business leaders at the school.



GSB Pride is a social and socially active organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students and allies at Stanford GSB. The goals are to provide a community for LGBTQ+ students and allies; to serve as a resource for our membership and the Stanford GSB community as a whole; and to increase awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in business.


Hispanic Business Student Association

The Hispanic Business Student Association exists to create an inclusive community for celebrating Hispanic/LatinX heritage, foster connections between GSB students, alumni, and organizations that advance Hispanic/LatinX leaders, and, above all, support members, not only in navigating life at the GSB, but in thriving here and beyond.

Membership is open to all Stanford GSB students interested in cultural and professional issues that affect the Hispanic/LatinX community.


Management Consulting Club

The Management Consulting Club brings students together who have an interest or background in the management consulting industry. We focus on helping current GSB students explore careers in consulting and prepare for the rigorous case interview process.


Women in Management

Women in Management is a strong, authentic community of members who aim to build a supportive network and foster a more equitable and gender-mindful business world. We host a range of events throughout the year, including a retreat, big name speakers, our annual banquet, a career trek, and regular panels covering a range of personal and professional topics.