Theory and Inference in Accounting Research

The Theory and Inference in Accounting Research Conference, held from Aug. 2 to Aug. 3, 2019, focused on disclosure theory and theory-driven empirical work, with the aim of bridging the divide between theory and empirics.

Faculty Organizer

Associate Professor

Speakers & Presentations

Qi Chen, Duke University
Jonathan Glover, Columbia University
Paul Pfleiderer, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Disclosure Issues in Conducting Empirical and Theoretical Research: A Provocative View
Jean Tirole, Toulouse School of Economics
Itay Goldstein, University of Pennsylvania
Jeremy Bertomeu, University of California - San Diego
How Uncertain is the Market about Managers’ Reporting Objectives? Evidence from Structural Estimation
“The Future of Accounting Theory: Editors’ Perspectives”
Mary Barth, John Core, Paul Fischer