Preparing for a Changing Climate Conference

This conference brought together leading academic scholars working on climate science.

About the Sustainability Research Conference Series

The Stanford Initiative on Business and Environmental Sustainability Research Conference Series is hosted by Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.


April 28–29, 2023


Stanford University campus

The world has already warmed more than one degree Celsius and is on track to warm an additional 2C by the end of this century. Societies will need to adapt to this warming, but our knowledge of what policies or technologies best support adaptation remains limited. It is also likely that adaptation will be costly and incomplete, prompting calls for financial transfers between those who emit and those who suffer damages. However, our evidence is again incomplete on if and how to link specific damages to specific emissions.

Stanford Initiative on Business & Environmental Sustainability: Podcast

Listen as professor William P. Barnett and Stanford student Ingrid Ackermann host a discussion with associate professor Marshall Burke to discuss the takeaways from this conference.

Conference Organizers

Associate Professor, Doerr School Departments and Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Sol Hsiang
Chancellor’s Professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley