Schwab Residential Center
Schwab Residential Center

Live and learn at Schwab Residential Center, located just across the street from the Knight Management Center

Common area in Jack McDonald hall
Jack McDonald Hall

Jack McDonald Hall is situated next to Schwab Residential Center and across from the Knight Management Center

Escondido Village
Escondido Village

Home to both single students and those with families, Escondido offers you a tight-knit community

Munger Graduate Residences
Munger Graduate Residences

Situated in the heart of campus, Munger gives you easy access to everything Stanford has to offer

Lynman Graduate Residences
Lyman Graduate Residences

Ideal for single MSx students, Lyman provides you with endless opportunities to develop lasting friendships

Liliore Green Rains Houses
Liliore Green Rains Houses

Surrounded by lush landscaping, Rains is one of three gender-neutral housing options

Ariel view of Stanford University
Off-Campus Housing

Community Housing Services can help you find housing in the neighborhoods near campus

MSx Student Housing

Living on campus is a valuable part of the Stanford MSx program, and there are options for every student and family. No matter where you live, you will be integrated into a university-wide community. Give yourself and your family an unforgettable year, creating joyful memories and close friendships that will last a lifetime!

Stanford MSx Residences Tour

Stanford MSx Residences Tour

Check out your new home away from home. Our student-led 360° tour offers a view of family-friendly homes and graduate residences.
Housing Features Ideal for
Stanford GSB Residences Individual rooms with shared suite-style kitchens and common areas Single students
Escondido Village One- to three-bedroom flats that surround lush and open green spaces Students with families, or single students with partners
Munger Graduate Residences Studio and one- to four-bedroom units Single students or those with partners or spouses
Lyman Graduate Residences Two-bedroom apartments located on the west side of campus Single students
Liliore Green Rains Housing Two- and four-bedroom apartments; houses 800 students Single students
Subsidized Off-Campus Apartments Furnished apartments located in nearby Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Mountain View Those who are comfortable living off-campus
Off-Campus Community Housing Rental homes or apartments in nearby neighborhoods Those who are comfortable researching and securing their own housing