African woman working with fabrics

Seed Studies

Developing breakthrough solutions to alleviate global poverty requires a sustained commitment and partnership. Seed has both.

Entrepreneurial support organizations called pacers are helping businesses in emerging markets achieve their goals by providing services for them in the long run. Read this Stanford Social Innovation Review article for a blueprint about how organizations can support entrepreneurs as they grow.

Explore Impact Studies

What changes do leaders and teams experience after participating in the Seed Transformation Program? What impact do the companies we work with have on people and the planet? We are addressing questions like these through quantitative and qualitative studies.

Lean Data Research on Farmers

We worked with measurement company 60 Decibels to study the impact that three Seed agribusiness companies we worked with are having on farmers.

Student Impact Case Studies

Stanford students study how Seed companies across Africa and India are contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Explore Academic Research Projects

Seed funds academic research on global poverty alleviation through the Stanford King Center on Global Development.