MA Education/MBA Joint Degree

The MA Education/MBA joint degree program with Stanford Graduate School of Education is designed for individuals interested in educational entrepreneurship, management, philanthropy, and policy.  The MA curriculum is flexible, allowing students to select courses that complement their MBA program and provide insight into educational organizations, learning sciences and technologies, and the broad role of education in society.

Degree Requirements

MBA Units 84
MA Education Units 35-45*
Total Units 119-129*
Time to Complete 7-8 quarters (2 1/2 years)

*These units depend on the number of cross-listed courses taken.

In this program, you will spend most of your first year taking MBA courses, and a mix of business and education courses thereafter. You have the flexibility to take a variety of electives at both schools. 

Applying for the MA/MBA

You may apply in any round for this joint degree program.

We will forward your application and personal statement to the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE). You do not need to apply separately to the GSE. The GSE will accept either the GMAT or GRE for the MA Education/MBA joint degree program. If you are admitted to the MBA program, you will receive notification of your GSE decision at the same time as your MBA admission.

As an alternative, you may apply to the MA Education/MBA program during autumn quarter of your first year of the MBA program.

If you are applying for deferred enrollment, you may apply to this joint degree program during your first year of the MBA program.

If you are not admitted to the MBA program, it is not possible to enroll solely in the MA Education.