Working with ACT

ACT Will Not Run Projects in Fall ’22-Winter ’23

In the spring of 2020, ACT quickly responded to the global pandemic by immediately shifting our work online and aligning the program with the GSB’s Action Plan for Racial Equity. Now ACT needs to focus on strategically addressing questions related to sustainably fulfilling its mission in a changed and changing landscape. We will update the website with additional information as available and look forward to continuing to engage volunteers and serve nonprofit clients for many years to come.

Explore below to learn more about working with ACT.

Process Overview

Learn about the ACT project cycle.

Project Types

ACT projects take one of two forms: full team or fast track. The two types vary in scope, team size, time commitment, and project duration.

Client Eligibility Criteria

Is a partnership with ACT right for your organization? Before applying to work with ACT, please review our eligibility criteria.

Project Screening

Learn what ACT looks for in potential projects.

Application Process

ACT launches two sets of consulting projects per year. To be considered for a project, read through the application process.