Global Management Immersion Experience

GMIX since 1997

The Global Management Immersion Experience encourages MBA students to gain hands-on knowledge of international management by working with a corporate, government, or nonprofit organization based in a region new to them over the summer.

For over 25 years, students have participated in GMIX to explore career opportunities and develop professionally while immersing themselves in another country and culture. Sponsor organizations gain access to talented MBA students to work on well-defined projects while raising their company profile within Stanford GSB. Since the program started in China, GMIX has offered opportunities across 92 countries and continues to grow.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Access talented Stanford MBA students with essential business skills
  • Achieve completion of significant projects at your organization. Perhaps you’re seeking a skill set you don’t have in-house, or knowledge of another market or industry
  • Increase visibility of your organization within Stanford GSB
  • Expand GSB students’ global business perspectives and understanding

Student Background

Our first-year MBA students have a wide array of professional experiences including consulting, investments and financial management, technology, government, nonprofit, education, consumer products, arts/media/entertainment, healthcare, cleantech, and environmental sustainability.

Also, before starting their GMIX projects, MBA students will have completed their core MBA coursework to hone their managerial skill sets and gain new perspectives on complex business issues. First-year MBA studies include Data and Decisions, Financial Accounting, Personal Leadership, Managing Groups and Teams, Microeconomics, and Optimization and Simulation Modeling.

Program Overview

  • GMIX experiences span four weeks over the summer.
  • Students typically participate in a GMIX after completing their main eight- to 10-week summer internship — this year, the suggested program dates are from August 19 to September 13, 2024.
  • Projects cover a wide array of industries, such as consumer products, international development, energy, finance, health care, media and entertainment, technology, and telecommunications. Examples include:
    • Go-to-market strategy for a real estate startup in re-packaging their product offerings and expanding operations scope to new clientele
    • Financial modeling to forecast demand on crew qualifications on a vacation airline’s flight plans to meet the resources needs for their current flight routes
    • Business development for a fintech firm transitioning their successful consumer model to include a B2B solution
    • Strategic roadmap for a regional government to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in the community

For additional program information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for details.

Sponsor Responsibilities & Commitment

  • A focused, well-designed project that is feasible to complete in four weeks with a clearly-defined project deliverable.
  • Mentorship from a senior leader who should be well-versed in the project, provide relevant and useful context, and share broader function or industry perspective and guidance with the student.
  • Professional growth and career exploration with opportunities to for students to interact with a wide variety of people, such as different internal teams, clients, and board members. These interactions provide a foundation for project deliverables and allow students to gain insights about the industry through various channels.
  • Cultural immersion in team activities to engage students and provide a good cultural understanding from inside your organization (for example, coffee chat with colleagues), and other immersion engagements outside of your team for greater cultural context (dinners at restaurants serving local cuisine, or suggestions for nearby destinations to visit on weekends).

Process & Key Dates

Sponsor Spotlight
Comanaging Partner, Knife Capital

“Now in our 10th year of being part of the GMIX experience, we again see the tremendous value of having people with a different frame of reference engaging with our team, and actively discussing the challenges and opportunities that we as a VC in the emerging market context, as well as our portfolio companies, are facing. The learning is definitely two-way!”

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