Global Management Immersion Experience

Sponsoring organizations outside the United States gain access to talented MBA students with fresh perspectives to work on well-defined projects over the summer. Sponsors are key in shaping student’s global perspective and raising the organization profile within the Stanford GSB community.

The Global Management Immersion Experience encourages Stanford MBA students to gain hands-on knowledge of international management by working with a corporate, social enterprise, government, or nonprofit organization for a minimum of four weeks in a country new to them outside the United States. For the past two summers, our students collaborated with our sponsors virtually due to the uncertainty of the health situation. The summer of 2022 will mark the 25th anniversary of GMIX, which we intend for students to travel in-person to participate in the program.

From the program’s beginnings in China in 1997, GMIX has expanded to include project opportunities across various industries, organization types, and in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Sponsor Spotlight
Comanaging Partner, Knife Capital

“Now in our 10th year of being part of the GMIX experience, we again see the tremendous value of having people with a different frame of reference engaging with our team and actively discussing the challenges and opportunities we as a VC in the emerging market context, as well as our portfolio companies, are facing. The learning is definitely two-ways!”

Program Basics

  • Stanford GSB sources numerous four-week GMIX projects. Students may also source their own opportunities, resulting in highly individualized and targeted experiences.
  • Students can participate in a GMIX between the first and second years of the MBA program. Typically students participate after completing their main eight- to 10-week summer internship. While flexible, this summer most students will be available during the suggested GMIX program dates from Aug. 22 to Sep. 16, 2022.
  • GMIX projects cover a wide array of industries, such as consumer products, international development, energy, finance, health care, media and entertainment, technology, and telecommunications.

Learning Opportunities for Students

  • Explore a new industry and role as part of the career planning process.
  • Live and work in a new location to experience firsthand the distinct work environment and culture of that country. We partner with Sponsors on strategies and tactics, to find effective ways to increase student’s cultural engagement both locally and remotely.
  • Complete a research paper for academic credit on a topic related to the GMIX project (optional).

Sponsorship Benefits & Information

  • Sponsor organizations leverage MBA students’ skills and knowledge to execute a significant project in a relatively short time frame.
  • GMIX students bring new perspectives to organizations, as each participant must go outside the United States and to a country where he or she has not lived for more than one year as an adult.
  • Participating organizations provide students with valuable real-life global experience — helping to contribute to a critical component of the Stanford GSB curriculum.

Interested in Becoming a GMIX Sponsor?

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