Our Alumni

As of September 2022, Stanford GSB has 32,169 living alumni and has awarded a total of 37,318 degrees.

Living Alumni by Program and Degrees Awarded
Program Degrees Awarded Living Alumni % of Total
MBA 24,348 20,403 63.43%
PhD 1,027 962 2.99%
Sloan/MSx 2,992 2,753 8.56%
SEP 9,448 8,048 25.02%
Total 37,815 32,166 100.0%
Includes all degrees awarded since the school’s founding. A number of our alumni hold multiple Stanford GSB degrees. These individuals are counted once according to the degree hierarchy listed above. The figures include degree and certificate holders, as well as those who were enrolled in a program for three or more quarters but did not graduate.
Reported Geographic Distribution
Location Alumni % of Total
U.S. 20,836 64.8%
Outside U.S. 7,617 23.7%
Unknown Address 3,747 11.6%
Based on home and business addresses of living alumni reported in the Alumni Directory as of September 2022. Some alumni may be counted more than once if they have a home address in the U.S. and a business address outside of the U.S.

Alumni Participation: Fiscal Year 2021

8.6% (2,707) of all Stanford GSB alumni provided volunteer support for Stanford GSB programs.

17.4% (5,472) of all Stanford GSB alumni attended Stanford GSB-sponsored events here and around the world.

21.0% (6,622) of all ​Stanford GSB alumni showed their support to ​Stanford GSB through volunteering and attendance at ​Stanford GSB activities.

31.63% (5,578) of our MBA alumni made a gift to Stanford GSB.